November Moodboard & Fairytale Playlist

My moodboard for November is heavily inspired by our catalog concept of fairytales. I’m drawn towards fantastical imagery; light that hits in a way that doesn’t look real, enchanted forests, antique elements like torn wallpaper, vintage couches and worn ballet flats, girls with their minds in the clouds and a dreamlike quality enveloping it all. It’s as if someone has placed a layer of hazy, fairy-dusted glass over my eyes.  Read More

October Mood Board & Playlist

Each month I like to gather a collection of images that I love and put them up around my desk space or on a wall at my apartment.  It’s always interesting to see the colors and imagery that my mind seeks at certain times of year, and I’ve decided that next year I want to take a snapshot of each collage and save them so that I can compile them at the end of the year. This month I am definitely gravitating towards black and white photography and a darker mood. Witchy women, deep gazes, earthy tones, and an overall moody feeling.  Here’s my October mood board and a playlist of music I can’t get enough of right now! Read More

September Moodboard: Chasing The Sun

I talk a lot about being a summer person, but I like fall too, and I love the month of September.  This month in Philly we’ve been enjoying the best weather we’ve had all year.  Windows that have been shut almost all summer long to keep out the heat have opened up, and the crisp air wakes me in the morning Read More