Blogger Diary: Life Happens Fast

I remember turning to my mom one day, back when I was a teenager, and saying, “It seems like this year went by so quickly!” She looked at me with that all-knowing smile and said, “It only gets faster every year.” She couldn’t have been more right. It’s a confusing thing to think about, time. What is time? Does it really even exist? Time is so relative; so subjective. Read More

Inspiring Words: The World Is Yours

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This week’s inspiring words come from an artist I have grown fond of. Wes Lang is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work has a haunting dark side, but yet still makes you smile somehow. His controversial work consists of collages of paintings and illustrations, his style is hugely influenced by the employment he had at a tattoo parlor after high school, which is evident in every single piece of his work. Read More

Inspiring Words: Know Who You Are

For those of you having that “Lost in Translation” moment in your life right now remember the delicate words of Bob Harris “The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you’ll let things upset you” One of my all time favorite films came flowing into me this week and it made me think about a few things in life. Read More