Finding Wellness Through Lindsey Rae’s LUCID Tea

“The people and places our teas come from must have good vibes and it’s important to be able to reciprocate those good vibes and express gratitude to ours growers for sharing their passion and products, something I feel can only genuinely be experienced and expressed in person.”

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Day Tripping: Cha Cha Matcha + Raw Matcha Macaroon Recipe

Need to escape your daily routine? While a full-fledged vacation may not be in your budget (or schedule), there’s nothing like a day trip to remind yourself that life can be straight up fun when you let … Read More

Wellness Encyclopedia: Much Ado About Matcha + Matcha Spelt Biscotti

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about matcha + a matcha-spelt biscotti recipe…
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