FP Escapes: DogPound’s Dara Hart Bares Her Soul

Dara’s love for fitness and health is palpable, eager to shares all she knows. She is a true testament to DogPound’s core beliefs, and had this self-proclaimed yogi for life (me) back into high intensity workouts in less than a week.

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FP Escapes: Confessions of Adventurous Women

We asked those women who attended our FP Escape trip to Thailand how they keep their adventurous spirits alive, get over fear, and push their boundaries… read on for their inspiring answers…

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FP Escapes: Meet Katja, Chef on our Upcoming Trip to Thailand & Amazing Tofu Recipe

A member of the far-reaching Sailing Collective, seasonal chef Katja Tausig shares a bit about her love of cooking before taking the helm of our Thai chef’s table…

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FP Escapes: Announcing Our 2017 Schedule

Introducing 4 new must-do retreats…take a look and decide which best fits your personal growth plan… Read More