Artist Profile: Rachi Farrow

Rachi Farrow is a Vermont-based artist whose work is currently on display at the Christine Price Gallery Fine Arts center in Vermont – here is her story!

I make ART with STUFF instead of throwing stuff away. It’s how I recycle. At first I gathered flotsam and jetsam from roadsides, beaches, dumpsters, trash cans, etc. I see something I can use, I take it to my studio.

10 years ago I was in Guatemala working in a make-shift studio and scrounging around for materials to use. I discovered a room in the factory full of leftover yarns and woven scraps. The mother-load!

The XXXL project began once I was back home in Vermont. I asked my welder (he’s also my husband) to make a stick figure armature from scrap steel. I wanted to make a doll.

My sister Carol was talking with a friend who asked her what kind of art I was making. Carol described what I was using to make art…Her friend works at Free People…and the rest is history. I am currently working on doll #7, which is the 4th XXXLer made from Free People’s fabulous-fantastic-funderful damages & samples.





The sculptures:







So cool – thanks Rachi!