Here’s Your Ideal Meditation Style According To Ayurveda

Great minds might think alike, but how do they meditate? We’re discovering the three best meditation styles for each of the Ayurvedic doshas from best-selling author and Ayurveda pro, Sahara Rose. Don’t know your dosha? Discover your dosha with this 60-second quiz, then dive deeper into the mind-body connection below…

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Flow Like A Pro: Our Guide to the 7 Best Yoga Studios in LA

There’s certainly no shortage of amazing yoga studios in L.A. — the capital of wellness nation — but finding “the one” (like, the one you want to visit daily and spend the rest of your life with) is a mission that calls for some expert guidance. Local yogi and superfood goddess, Sophie Jaffe, is giving us a tour of her favorites around town. Discover some of the best yoga studios in LA below…

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12 Must-Have Picks from The Chalkboard Mag

TCM’s editor Suzanne Hall, along with the founder of Four Sigmatic, will host a workshop at our Santa Monica pop-up on 9/28 to discuss mushrooms and adaptogens. In the meantime, check out what Suzanne’s feeling at FP.

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3 Hormones Your Emotions Rely On

Care for yourself from the inside out with these top tips to balance your hormones, boost your mood and create a more confident self. Yes, your hormones can do all that!

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I Woke Up For This: Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast should be the prettiest meal of the day. We’re making it happen with these glowy bowls packed with good nutrition and little else…

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Why You Need A Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep

You likely have a morning routine, but it’s all about getting that nighttime routine locked down for great sleep. End your day right with these healthy bedtime habits…from our friends at The Chalkboard Mag. Read More