September Catalog: Behind the Scenes with the Dogs!

As you may have seen by now, we had a very special cameo by one of our beloved home office pups in the September catalog – Toby! I caught up with Toby the other day to ask him about his experience shooting his first Free People catalog :)


Were you nervous about being a part of our September catalog shoot? I was a little nervous, but once we started shooting, I relaxed.

What did you do to prepare for the shoot? Well, I’m a natural so I didn’t do much. I had a bath and made sure my paws were extra clean.

What did you think of Bambi, the model you posed with? She was great! I think we complimented each other well. At first, she was a bit scared of me, but after she realized I was a gentle giant, she had fun.

What was your favorite part of the shoot? Being showered with cookies and attention from all the ladies :)

Do you get stopped on the street now that you’re a famous catalog model? Not so much…

Will you be doing any more modeling in the future? I hope to. I am available :)

Do you have a favorite item from the September catalog? I love the Americana Sweater Jumper.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Boots and the cooler weather!


Toby wasn’t the only pup on set at the September shoot! He had a bud to hang out with – Ace!



Ace lives on the farm in New Tripoli where our catalog was shot. He lost his leg when he was hit by a car but he is doing just fine now! He had a blast during the shoot and LOVED all the attention from the ladies :) He is one happy dog!