Make: A Healthy 4th of July Salad Recipe For Any Gathering

Looking for 4th of July salad recipes? We’ve got the perfect one right here, sure to please everyone at your summer barbecue!

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pulses + 3 Healthy Recipes

Today we’re diving in to the world of pulses: what they are and how to eat ’em + 3 super easy and super healthy recipes!

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Why We Heart Hemp + A Grain-Free Tabbouleh Recipe

Ever wondered how to use hemp hearts? Or what makes them so good for you? We’ve got the answers…

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Lucuma Powder + A Superfood Chocolate Recipe

Ever thought to yourself, “what exactly is lucuma powder?” We’ve got the answer + an easy (and delicious) recipe

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Your Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Proteins (+ Recipe Included!)

Kate Jacoby, Chef/Co-Owner at V Street and Vedge (two of Philadelphia’s famed vegetable restaurants), breaks down everything we ever wanted to know about plant-based proteins!  Read More