Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits + Sole Recipe

Want to learn about a beneficial DIY that will take you seconds to make? Read below: 

Sole: (pronounced so-lay) is water that has been fully saturated with natural salt.

When I first grabbed a jar of pink Himalayan salt off my mom’s kitchen cabinet, I was kind of confused what it was doing there. I hadn’t heard much of it, and it’s beauty made it seem like it belonged more in my jewelry box. The light pink color and delicate cuts were fascinating to me. I needed to know more. What can I do with this? Why does mom have it?

The salt popped up on the blog last month in Brigette’s hydration post, and again, my mind grew more and more curious. I did some research, and found that this salt can bring some pretty amazing benefits to your body, if consumed in a certain way.

This takes me back to the word Sole, which is a salt/water mixture that I whipped up last week to test out. Making this will be one of the quickest and easiest DIY’s you can do, and will leave you with a handful of benefits.




What You Need:

1 large Mason jar

1 to 2 cups of raw pink Himalayan salt

1 cup of filtered water

First, put two cups of the salt into the mason jar. I used one that had measurements on it, so I would be able to tell how much salt is being absorbed into the water.





Pour water into the mason jar, place a plastic lid (do not use metal) on top, and shake gently. Leave on the counter overnight to let the salt dissolve.

The next day, take a look at your little science project. If all of the salt is absorbed, keep adding a couple spoonfuls more each day until you have some remaining on the bottom. Seeing salt on the bottom of the jar means the water has absorbed its maximum amount of salt, and the Sole is ready to be consumed.


Make sure to not use a metal jar lid, or let a metal utensil touch the Sole.

To use: simply mix 1 tsp. of Sole in to a glass of water, and consume every morning on an empty stomach. Happy Sole!

This remedy has long lists of healthy benefits. Here are four that I’m most excited about:

Minerals: Sole can supply the body with 84 essential ionized minerals.

Hydration: The balance of minerals you are gaining while drinking your water helps your body accept the minerals into your cells to hydrate you.

Detox: Sole is a natural anti-bacterial and can help remove bad bacteria from your body from all of the helpful minerals.

Circulation: The replenishing of nutrients can help stimulate circulation, which soothes sore muscles and helps with cramping.


+ Besides eating, what are some other ways you help your body get essential minerals? Let me know in the comments!

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I had no idea you could use it for this! I love pink salt. I season food with it, because I feel like I can use 1/10th of traditional salt and get better flavor. It really is an amazing product. thanks for sharing.


7 years ago

Wow! This is such a great post! I didn’t realize all of the uses! Keep Dreaming, Bethany

7 years ago

My dad is obsessed with this stuff. Now I understand!

7 years ago

I once went to a natropath who told me that pink Himalayan rock salt can help with dizziness! The stuff is incredible!.

7 years ago

Where do I get the salt?

7 years ago

Thanks for this!

7 years ago

I’m really confused as to why anyone would want to start their mornings with salt when the majority of the american population suffers from high salt diets and heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Also, water follows wherever salt goes in our bodies. So, if you started of your mornings with a salt drink, that would just result in excess water weight. I think most people try to avoid that. Your “healthy benefits” are vague; could you provide some real benefits that a nutritionist or an actual professional could judge you on. I just don’t people to blindly follow your advice and have adverse outcomes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sophrosyne

Americans ate at least three times more salt 100-200 years ago and had very little heart disease. The difference between then and now? The quality. Refined table salt (the common form used in processed foods today) is lacking most of the minerals mentioned in this article. Of course we will have an imbalance when we consume that crap!
Also, sorry, but not only can anyone be a nutritionist without formal education in many states, but even the formal education (at conventional universities) that some do get is pretty narrow-minded and out-dated. They still preach that a low-fat, high-carb diet is optimal, yet so many are getting sick from it! We have higher rates of heart disease for sure, and it’s not just about salt. Take a look at the declining quality of all the foods we are eating now. Registered dieticians will mostly just look at the numbers (calories, how many grams of protein, etc.) and ignore the quality. Just because someone is a professional doesn’t mean they know everything or will do a good job.

2 months ago
Reply to  Smiley

Well said! I use Sole water in my coffee. It removes the bitterness on top of the other benefits.

7 years ago

Pink salt is different from regular table salt that many americans consume too greatly. Those that probably have pink salt in their pantry aren’t the ones who have high sodium diets. People who are concerned with what they put in their bodies probably aren’t getting the salt they in need, in fact! I was very careful with my diet a year to two years ago, started cramping a lot and feeling bloated all the time. I was eating very healthy, working out every day and drinking TONS of water. I got a blood test and found I was really low on sodium and potassium, and adding pink salt to my meals and making sure I was eating more foods with potassium made me feel immensely better. When you work out and you sweat you need to replenish not just the water you lost but the electrolytes too, hence why people drink coconut water after workouts, sodium and potassium. My doctor told me I was drinking too much plain water and diluting the salt in my body. You need some salt every day. So basically this drink makes tons of sense to me haha.

7 years ago

Another way to get essential minerals into the body is to soak in magnesium oil. Magnesium levels are tricky to raise through diet alone because the mineral acts upon the visceral tissue, relaxing them, and this causes discomfort and diarrhea. Soaking in epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is a bit more effective, but the body will only take up so much sulfate at a time and won’t take any more. Magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) is most effective as the body will take up chloride easily and so the magnesium levels rise.
It saddens me to know some of us look upon salt as a problem. It’s been maligned unfairly during the last century. My mother followed the low-salt approach. Not only did her cooking suffer from it; she did as well. In the closing of her life, which took many years, she seemed to dry up and wither, as most people on salt restricted diets do. You see, without salt we’d all be dead. Without salt to help hold water within the body, water just runs in and out, hardly bringing any benefit.
Whatever salt you choose, please consider it’s processing. Standard salt has had its beneficial minerals removed. Choose salts that have a bit of color to them as this shows minerals lie within.

7 years ago

Oooooooh sounds cool! Kinda like drinking ocean water but with benefits. :)

Pat Beaumont
7 years ago

I with witch hazel and use as a toner for my face – great for teenagers with spotty skin too

7 years ago

I love himalayan salt and this is such a great idea! Do you have to take it in the mornings though?

7 years ago

I bought more himilayan salt to try this but i’m kind of scared it will make me gag….
I don’t know how I feel about drinking salt water on an empty stomach and in the mornings i easily get nauseous.
I’m sure its great for you but I worry about the taste, can anyone assure me who as tried this??
haha thanks!

2 months ago
Reply to  julie

Don’t put too much in! Try it.

7 years ago

About how long after consuming the sole can you eat? like and hour or so?

6 years ago

awesome article. i just wrote a blog on table salt please come and assist me guys

6 years ago

I’ve been using Himalayan Rock Salt for years now and i have to say that i like it way better than ordinary sea salt. It has that distinctive flavour – not to mention it’s healt benefits wich are many.

6 years ago

Salt can be used for healing many health conditions. Read this booklet from Sam Biser about the many amazing healthful uses of salt:

6 years ago

So why use a plastic top and not metal? Could you put plastic wrap to cover the opening then reattach the metal kid if using a Mason jar?

6 years ago

Is this safe for children? I drink this every morning and love it. My family is vegan, we do not eat processed foods and I use Pink Salt on our foods. Not sure if my daughters are getting enough.

5 years ago

The characteristic Himalayan Pink Salt is like a Red adjusted shot your well-being for all individuals accessible. We should look profoundly into the huge focal points of applying Himalayan Pink Salt.

4 years ago

i use the Pink Himalayan Sea salt in everything i cook
we really like i,its healthier then white salt.i even use it
in my marinades,my Dad is 89 and i want him to start
using it,he is a salt fanatic,but i dont know how much
he should take and how to take it for health issues,
he has high blood pressure,congested Heart failer,he takes
water pills to keep water from lungs,can anyone help me
with my concerns?

4 years ago

Read there is a big difference between teaspoon of sole and a teaspoon of pink salt added to a glass of water,some may try to short cut thinking it is the same. sole is much lower in sodium intake.