We’re Celebrating Earth Day All Month Long, No Joke!

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April 1st has arrived and we bet you were expecting to be spoofed, right? While we love April Fools Day, this month we’re going all out to celebrate April’s other holiday: Earth Day. As news of climate change continues to fill the news, it’s clear that now more than ever it’s imperative we do all that we can to save our planet.

Throughout the month we’ll be offering up ideas, inspiration, tips, and tricks for becoming more in-tune with the natural world around us, whether it’s connecting with nature or learning to reduce, reuse, and recycle more than you already are. To help you keep track of it all and stay inspired, today we have a little gift for you — this gorgeous downloadable calendar, created exclusively for you by our graphic design team. Brimming with ways to get involved in your community and make a positive impact on the planet, the calendar also gives you a sneak peek at the inspiring blog posts to come on days marked with the BLDG 25 shield. Download it to adorn your desktop or print it on 100% recycled paper to keep it close at hand all month long, and be sure to let us know how you’re combatting climate change in the comments.


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+ Looking for more ideas? Check out last year’s FP Earth Month content!

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8 years ago

Actually after I read this post, I started to consume less plastic bags and I use my cloth bag when I have to do grocery shopping or other shopping. When I have to print some documents at work I use recycled papers. I also recycle my old clothing in the containers that our municipality provided.

Hope to see these posts much more!

Hugs from Istanbul

7 years ago

Sad I am just seeing this amazing calendar for Earth Month. Love that this is also my birthday month, reminders of why I feel so deeply connected to Mother Earth.