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10 years ago

Hello, as a customer of Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie I was curious to know if anyone was willing to comment on the store’s policies of unsold clothing. With reports rising of H&M’s New York store employee’s destroying clothing, I believe customers are growing more concerned to know what happens to unsold clothing. Are employees at Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie also told to destroy merchandise and throw it away? Or do the employees practice an alternative way of getting rid of clothing such as donating, etc.? I have seen Free People clothing at stores such at Nordstrom’s Rack and TJ Maxx but is that where all unsold merchandise ends up?
Thank you for reading this and maybe even replying! I admire the designs from these companies and the quality I have received. I would also like to continue my business with these stores.

10 years ago

Cute animated gif!!

To Anonymous- great questions. I hadn’t heard about that happening with H&M.

10 years ago

what does TGIF stand for?!

Thank God Its Friday!
The photos were made very energetic!…Nice!

10 years ago

unsold clothing goes to sample sales or is donated, it is never thrown away

10 years ago

I hope it’s donated, there’s lots of people out there that need clothes.