The Best Things To Buy In September

A new month, a new season.

I’m sad that the summer is nearing its end, but September has always been a point in the year that I look forward to. Us Virgos and Libras are ready to shine in our month of birth, and a time of change presents itself in September. The autumnal equinox hits us on the 23rd of the month, marking the first day of fall. As we step into a new season, and especially one that brings new weather, our purchasing decisions change as well. There’s always that “time of year” where you wait to buy certain things because of their price point. Things hit the sale rack, special deals arise, and now is the perfect time to load up your cart with a few key items you may have had your eye on. From airfare to fall essentials, here are the best things to buy in September!



It’s said that the cheapest airfare is 8 weeks before your set departure. If you have any fall holiday plans, September is the best time to book! Thanksgiving and Christmas are reasons for high airport traffic towards the end of the year, and if you wait too long, flights are going to become more and more expensive. It’s best to start making your holiday plans now so you can book during September and score the cheapest tickets.

Summer Essentials

Summer Things

Bathing suits can be pretty expensive, and I always have a hard time spending a lot of money on something that is made from very little fabric. September is the month when most stores start clearing out their summer apparel to make room for fall pieces, so that means summer essentials, like swimsuits and summer dresses will start to go on sale. This is the perfect time to stock up for those last few hot days, upcoming vacations, or just to be prepared when spring comes back around!



The summer is prime time cycling season, and as that season comes to a close, new models will start coming out. Buying models from the previous year is a great way to find awesome deals on bikes.  If you don’t mind buying an older model, this is a good month to start looking around for deals!



If you don’t already have a good pair of boots on deck, start looking now! Colder temperatures are going to be here quicker than we may realize, and a good pair of boots is essential in any fall wardrobe. Buying now will ensure warm toes as soon as the snow hits, and warm feet = happy camper in my opinion! I’ve had my eye on a few pairs of our FP Collection boots for some time now that should probably start to move out of my cart and into my closet.



Like boots, a good jacket is just as valuable for these next couple months. If you buy early enough, you will have a good selection to choose from before everyone starts scrambling a little bit later down the fall road and all of the best ones are out of stock. If you haven’t yet browsed our jacket shop, I would highly recommend doing so. I can’t stop swooning over the Faithful Shaggy Jacket!

Home Goods

icense smoke

September is National Coupon Month, and using coupons on little things like home cleaning products, toiletries, and other essentials for the house is an easy way to save a lot of money. Keep an eye out for savings online and in the paper this month to score some awesome deals!

What do you all find is best to buy this time of year?

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9 years ago

Buying swimsuits is a great tip! I completely agree but you got to just make sure you stay the same size for next year! Boots is a definite must and I’m loving the bikes! If only they didn’t cost a left hand.
Thanks for sharing

9 years ago

this is great.

9 years ago

I had no idea about September and coupons – so fabulous! I need to get my hands on a pair of Sorel’s Joan of Ark boots ASAP. Great tip about airfare too, so thankful to not have to travel for holidays.

Warm Regards,

Hypnotica Vintage
9 years ago

Good tip about the airfare.

9 years ago

Im already on a boots hunt, i just did a blog post showing my current faves.


9 years ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the bathing suits! I just hate how you usually have to wait a whole year after you buy them before you can start wearing them.

9 years ago

cute photos!

9 years ago

I totally booked a flight yesterday! Glad it was a good time :)

– Christina

9 years ago

I wish I had money to travel! Guess I’ll have to travel in my books!! ^^

9 years ago

pls do this every month , I usually don’t comment but I really like this idea . I know what to buy with my paycheck now lol !

9 years ago

Great tips! Especially the airfare. Do you mind me asking what type of camera/editing you used for the photos?

9 years ago

Perfect time to buy luggage! Just bought a cute bright blue suitcase today for more than 1/2 off.

9 years ago

i love this!

7 years ago

We love your stylefull ideas!!