Get NYE Ready With 3 Hair Tutorials From Lindsey Pengelly!

From head to toe, New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to dress up and feel a little extra pretty, on the inside and out.  

It’s a time to savor the last few hours of the year prior, but more importantly, get excited for the year ahead. Wherever you’re celebrating and whoever you’re celebrating with, showing up to a party looking and feeling your best, in my opinion, is the only way to do it. With a little help from talented hair stylist and FP Me fave Lindsey Pengelly, we are bringing you three hair tutorials that are the perfect fit for ringing in the new year! Get to know a little bit more about Lindsey below, and find out how to get three of her favorite looks in just a few easy steps!

lindsey hair

Get the Look:Reign Over Me Lace Dress

My name is Lindsey Pengelly and I am a hairstylist from Reno, Nevada working at the beautiful Salon Lux.  My obsession is creating art through hair, in my work you wont see every strand of hair perfectly in place, it’s more like organized chaos. I’ve been licensed for two years now, but its a passion I’ve had all my life. I’m now known as the “hair wizard” in my town! The secret to keeping my hair healthy is by not washing it every day, and trimming the dead ends off every 8-10 weeks. I also use the whole Unite product line, from their shampoos and conditioners to their argon oils, and finishing products.

Below are three of my favorite hairstyles that would be perfect for the upcoming holidays and the new year. Have fun!

1. Simple and Classy — I love this hairstyle because it adds flair to ordinary curls

simple and classy

Step 1:

For curling my hair I use the Next Gen iron by Hot Tools, 1 1/4 extra long barrel. When I curl, I keep the clamp open while wrapping the hair around the iron. I leave about 1 inch at the bottom out to keep length and add to the messy look.

Step 2:

After curling your hair, grab a section and do a three strand braid.

Step 3:


Once braided, leave about 3 inches of the bottom unbraided and use a hair elastic to secure the ends. Pull the braid to create a fuller look.

Final Product:

braid and accessory

Get the Look: Secret Garden Crown

Add an accessory to top off the look!

2. A Braid Within a Braid — I chose this next style because when I wear it on myself I can’t go anywhere without someone stopping me and commenting on it, I always tell them it’s simpler than it really looks, which is true!

Step 1:


Pull your hair to the side, grab a section of hair underneath and make a three strand braid. Secure the ends with a hair elastic.

Step 2:


Take the unbraided hair and create a fishtail braid. So now you have one three strand braid and one fishtail braid.


Step 3:


Place the three strand braid in the center of the fishtail and use bobby pins to pin the two braids together.

Final Product:


Get the Look: Hybrid Heel Boot

3.  Dragon Braid — This hairstyle is one I like to think I invented myself, I’ve been asked many times for this how to,  so here it is!

dragon braid

Get the Look: 5 Pack FP Sparklers

Step 1:


After creating your wavy curls, grab the section of hair above your ear and french braid about 4 inches of it, then finish braiding the remainder in a three strand braid.

Step 2:


Braid the hair and leave a good 3 inches at the end unbraided, securing with a hair elastic. Start pulling out the braid to give it a fuller look.

Step 3.


Grab the rest of your hair and pull it into a ponytail. I like positioning the ponytail just below the crown of my head. Then grab the braid and add it into the pony tail.
Final Product:

I also added in some of the hair charmsies for a little extra sparkle!


Get the Look: FP Hair Charmsies

Happy Holidays!



pretty hair

Get the Look: Waffling Around Cardigan

Thank you, Lindsey!

Be sure to follow Lindsey on FP Me and Instagram!

Above photos by Joceyln Noel and Daniel Rose.


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9 years ago
9 years ago

Love the dress! It goes really well with all the hairstyles, well done! :)
xx love

9 years ago


9 years ago

This is the exact hair tutorial I just posted a few days ago. Would love if you would credit people’s original ideas and tutorials instead of pretending they are your own.

9 years ago

You can’t trademark a braid ^^^

9 years ago


9 years ago

Can’t wait to try this on my hair!!!!!!!

9 years ago

Amber it’s a hairstyle she’s been doing for a while. Just because you both posted a tutorial, doesn’t mean she stole it. I’m sure many others have posted a tutorial for that braid as well. Get over yourself.

9 years ago

Wow! Her hair is amazing and these styles are rad! I think she literally has twice the amount of hair I do, the lucky, gorgeous girl! ;)

9 years ago

The things I would do for that hair

9 years ago

It would be great to see some tutorials for us short-haired ladies :)

9 years ago

Unfortunately Free People doesn’t usually like to post tutorials for short hair because having short hair doesn’t fit in with their “aesthetic”. Pretty poor excuse, if you ask me.

9 years ago

Love this ! so Pretty! Wondering if you could do something similar for us short-hair ladies? I have a long-pixie cut and would love some NYE hairstyle ideas!!! :-)

9 years ago
Carly pengelly
9 years ago

My sister has been doing this braid on me for over a year now . She didn’t copy anyone, and she would never want her “name” on a braid when she shares it with people .

9 years ago

Amber these photos were taken long before you even posted a tutorial. Relax.

Sloane S
9 years ago

Hair is amaze and love the tutorial. There’s nothing proprietary about a braid. That’s laughable.

9 years ago

It bums me out that there are never hair post for girls with shorter hair. Not all of us can grow our hair to mermaid lengths!

9 years ago

I’m sure both hair tutorials look beautiful. Not to defend Amber, but I’m sure she just meant that if Lindsey got the idea from her blog, she just would like a shout out or some recognition. If not, then no harm or bad feelings. My gosh! POSITIVITY ladies, there’s no need to be jumping down one anothers throats. These comments responding to Amber are negative and rude and there’s just no need for that when this blog is so positive and uplifting <3

9 years ago

Now where does one get hair like that?! Seriously, that is one magical main of loveliness. :)
Gypsy Plunder Vintage

9 years ago

This is beautiful. Lindsey would not take credit away from anyone that is why she is doing HER own hair in this tutorial. There are millions of videos out there with braiding, she just wanted to share her love for what SHE does. It’s so sad that as hairstylist we can’t share our knowledge with others without someone thinking we stole their idea’s when we clearly are aware that their are others with the same idea’s. Learn to learn from each other and stop assuming someone took your idea.
If you have a problem take it up with free people. Lindsey I am truly proud of you and keep doing what you love!

9 years ago

Love Love Love all three styles. Beautiful!

9 years ago

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9 years ago

so pretty, makes me wish i didn’t just chop all of my hair off! i’m going to have to look for an extra long barrel curling iron/wand, i had no idea they made those!

9 years ago

Beautyful and Clasie
I like very much.