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Looove this clean combo of white maxi dress and black strappy sandals.

FP Brigette looking super cute in a maxi skirt, cropped tee, statement necklace and ankle boots.

Perfect wrap bracelets.

Martha and Bear!

Love this outfit – an easy dress, denim vest, printed iphone case, hayden stitch boot.

My kind of meeting.

Pretty in a maxi skirt, vintage tee and fringe bag.

The older version of the miles of lace dress, with sleeves.

Colorful spools of thread…

We love pretty dresses worn with sneakers! (Check out today’s trend post!)

…and pretty dresses with beat up boots :)

Super cute in the vegan leather overalls and richie sunnies.

Designers admiring the plant they picked up from Terrain!

Zippora Seven in our studio.

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Kelsea Straub -May 11, 2012, 6:19PM

Where did you guys get the baskets in pictures 12 and 13?? I always see them your pictures and they’re SO cute!

Melva -September 2, 2012, 9:48AM

LOVE the short Blue Trapese Dress, in the above photo ! Is it still avail anywhere ? <3

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