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New Year’s Eve Party Décor: Nature & Paint

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When it comes to New Year’s celebrations, house parties are always my favorite. Actually, house parties are just my favorite in general. But on New Year’s Eve, you have even more opportunity to bring fun décor elements of shimmer and shine into the mix. This year, I love the idea of spicing up pieces of nature with a little bit of paint. Read on to see how I’ll do this!

I’m endlessly inspired by natural elements like flowers, twigs, and stones. They have such a way of bringing about feelings of groundedness and ease, and when it comes to decorating with these things, the possibilities seem to go on forever.

NYE Decor

Once I got my natural elements nailed down, I chose a color palette. White and metallics are always a great starting point for a New Year’s palette. I went with white and gold, and then added some greens to represent hope and growth for the new year!

I spray painted some rocks gold, as well as the tips of a few leaves. I also added hand-touched designs to a few leaves using white paint.

NYE Decor

NYE Decor

I then painted my twigs white — and one gold, as well!

NYE Decor

I searched around my home for any other decor pieces that I thought fit with the feeling. I found some lacey fabric and a couple of white metal decorations.

NYE DecorMy original plan was to use everything to decorate the top of the table, but I realized I wanted to do something different… so I chose the floor instead! I laid down the lace and topped it with little arrangements. I made piles of rocks into which I stuck twigs and leaves…

NYE Decor

I snipped the tips of flowers and hung them from branches using white string…

NYE Decor

And just moved everything around until it felt just right.

NYE Decor

NYE Decor

NYE Decor

NYE Decor

NYE Decor

How fun would it be to put floor pillows around this setup and have everyone sit and hangout while they enjoyed their appetizers?

Will any of you be throwing a NYE party this year? Do share your decor ideas!

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Juliette Laura -December 20, 2013, 10:20AM

Oh my goodness this is so lovely! Absolutely ideal. Definitely going to incorporate some of these elements into my next party.

xo, Juliette Laura

LamentingLizzie -December 21, 2013, 9:25AM

Already gifted the soaps to people. Totally a big hit.

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