Building 25 is where the magic of Free People happens. In the Navy Yard on the edge of Philadelphia a cluster of renovated warehouses sit alongside the Delaware River, and in one of them a group of young, fashionable, creative people – mostly women – delve into the details of living the life of the Free People girl. We sort through fabric swatches, take photos, share ideas, video, art, food and culture, and travel the world in search of inspiration to create fashion that reflects our creative, independent, impressively-bold and free-spirited FP girl.

The BLDG 25 Blog is a way for us to open the doors of our home to let you peek inside, come in, and hang out for a while. We wanted to create a place that merged our worlds and offered insight into the illuminating culture of Free People. We hope that this blog inspires you to embark on creative, fun, enlightened, and fashionable adventures each day, and that you return again to share your experiences with us.

We will update you many times per day and keep you informed of upcoming topics. Please feel free to offer feedback via email at blog@freepeople.com and participate through comments and interaction you deem fit as well. Enjoy!

Blogger Profiles

JulieThumbnailJulie, Editorial Specialist

I was raised on top of a mountain in Maine – no other souls as far as the eye could see – and while I love the vibrancy of the city, I’m happiest in the woods or on the shore, anywhere where I can get back to the feeling of solitude in nature. With my mother’s beat-up Canon AE-1 and an arsenal of disposable cameras, I started capturing the natural world around me at an early age. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with documenting daily life, a passion which eventually lead me to study fine art, and later, to writing.

On the weekends you can find me wandering… getting lost on back roads, hiking new trails, seeking out the closest beach… often with a camera (or two) in tow. Shaking things up is what keeps me inspired; while I’ve grown accustomed to life in the city, I crave fresh air and the rustle of trees, and I strive to get outside as much as I can. I love getting into it, getting up to my elbows in a project, whether I’m making something, planting something, or styling a look, and I’m excited to translate that love to BLDG 25. To see what else I’m up to, you can check out my personal blog Orchid Grey.


blog internJana, Blog Writer

Growing up in Florida has made me appreciate warm weather, but I have always wanted something more to look at than flat land. Having spent a lot of time out west over the past few years, I have realized that being surrounded by mountains and vast landscapes is what inspires me the most. The beauty of Mother Nature lifts my mood and brings out my creativity. Music and photography are also other elements in my life that are very important to me. If I don’t have a camera in my hand it’s probably because I’m dancing.

I’m extremely laid back, and I like to surround myself with people who bring a smile to my face and laughter out of my mouth. I plan on traveling the world one day when I have enough money, but for now, you can visit my personal blog www.wolfandwillow.com to get a glimpse into the world that I currently live in.


Julia, Blog Contributor

I have always believed that I was born in the wrong time. An old soul, music is by biggest passion and I go to as many concerts and festivals as I can. Photography is another hobby of mine, as well as writing- I have boxes and shelves full of journals I have compulsively kept throughout my life. One day I would like to write a book. I was born and raised in Philadelphia but I love to travel and do it whenever I can – my home away from home is Ocean City, New Jersey.

I see every day as a new chance to be inspired – by the weather, a song I hear, a person I meet on the street or talk to at work, or anything else that may cross my path. Here on the blog I share the music, places, people, words and images that inspire me and those around me, with the hope that they will inspire you as well.

I don’t have a personal blog but you can check out my photography tumblr here!


Brigette, Blog Contributor

In 1996 I rearranged my bedroom on my own for the very first time. That very same year, I first picked up a video camera. And that was it for me. Decorating and video-making are my passions. Nature, food, and laughter are the elements that fuel my life. I really feel that beauty is all around us, and I love finding it in the most unexpected places – especially in life’s little details.

Arranging and rearranging is what you’ll always find me doing. I love the way things look. When something catches my eye, I have to capture it with a lens and share it with the world. For a peek inside my own little world, come hang out with me on my personal blog Hummusbird.

I can’t go more than a few seconds without making a joke. I mean, most of the time it’s a joke that no one gets, but life is incredibly funny and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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