march catalog!

The March catalog is here! The book was shot in India in Rajasthan Desert’s Neemrana Fort Palace. The palace is a hotel that many of the Free People designers have stayed in when traveling in India. Built since 1464 AD, Neemrana Fort Palace is among India’s oldest heritage resorts.
The two trend concepts in this collection are Peace Corp Prep and Everything but a Flower. Peace Corp Prep is a mixture of traditional preppy styling mixed with Indian prints and colors, lots of plaids mixed up with Indian florals. Everything but a Flower is print driven, inspired by all things geometric, both vintage and modern.
Check out the catalog video

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13 years ago

ahh another wonderful catalog i can’t wait to actually get it in the mail and put it all over my closet haha

Burning Sun
13 years ago

Hey fp girl,
I am dying to know who is one of Free People constant models is. Now she is on the main page (she is not in the catalog, though) wearing “We The Free printed scoop burnout tee” and “Ruffled Petticoat skirt”. She has tanned skin, brown hair, brown eyes… I’m always looking at her and thinking that she is the best girl to respresent FP clothing line, such pretty, earthy, feminine, etc… Who is she?
Waiting for an answer with biggest curiosity :)
P.S. By the way, thank You for this blog, I love it!

13 years ago

hi, i was wondering if you knew the translations for the birkenstock shoes? i am a size six so what size is that end up being>?