Free People’s Current Favorite Songs!

I went around the office today and asked “What is your favorite song right now?”
Here are the answers I got, with links to Youtube or Myspace where you can hear the song. I learned about a lot of artists I had never heard before, as well as re-listening to some old favorites!
Autumn Almanac by The Kinks
Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
Jersey Thursday by Donovan
Maggie May by Rod Stewart
Starstruck by Santogold
For the Widows in Paradise by Sufjan Stevens
Cross Your Fingers by Laura Marling
Harvest Moon by Neil Young
Open Your Heart by Will Oldham
Live Your Life by Rihanna featuring T.I.
Electric Feel by MGMT
Womanizer by Britney Spears
Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
Revelry by Kings of Leon
Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow by Alan Jackson
Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club
You Are What You Love by Jenny Lewis
Right as Rain by Adele
Derek by Animal Collective
I Can See Myself Alone Forever by The Field Mice
Ragged Wood by The Fleet Foxes
The Funeral by Band of Horses
Run to Your Grave by The Mae Shi
Sunday Nite in Glasgow by Dj Adam Sparkles

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14 years ago

OMG! I just recently discovered Santogold and Kings of Leon on UPOP on XM radio and I love them!! Always love hearing of new people.. thanks!

14 years ago

What a playlist! Thanks, just what I needed! Think maybe I would get rid of Britney Spears though (it’s a pretty cool song but it doesn’t really go with the others) and maybe add something from Kasey Cambers and Shane Nicholson’s latest album or something by Kings of Convenience like Misread…? (And the Swedish group Low Season Combo has a new album out that I can really recommend)

14 years ago

I went blank when asked about this, but obvious answer would be Half Breed by Cher. Best. Song. Ever.

Vanessa S
14 years ago

animal collective & fleet foxes animal collective & fleet foxes <3

14 years ago

Please do this more often!

14 years ago

You should check out the song Carry On (heck, the whole album/vinyl Deja Vu) by Crosby Stills Nash and Young if you haven’t yet…and Gemma Hayes too, she’s great =)

9 years ago