a springy little giveaway!

Interested in winning a wallet and nail file or a phone holder and hair clip? Because we are interested in giving them away!
For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment and answer the following question:
How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring? Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
Tell us about it in a comment, and tomorrow we’ll pick two comments at random. If your comment is one of the ones chosen, you win!
Good luck!

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12 years ago

I’m going to dress like a Grecian beauty who’s visiting an ancient, remote tribe in Africa.

12 years ago

Those are the cutest little bags! I have been updating my wardrobe for spring by adding light jackets, bright colors like yellow and turquoise and I am totally in love with anything off-white/ivory right now!

12 years ago

I’m really excited to get some linen pants, sunglasses and new swim suits for my upcoming travels to Italy!

12 years ago

Im going to be adding a lot of bright colors for sure.
oranges and reds.
always up for a cardigan.

12 years ago

I would like to add several mini-dresses to my spring wardrobe. I’d love to find some with frilly hems and modest tops (frock style maybe?). I plan on wearing them with leggings, jeans, or bare legs… I’ll stretch out the use of my vintage boots as long as I can this spring until I finally have to switch to flip-flops. I love the Free People Cuff sandals!

Jenna Jurgielewicz
12 years ago

Lots more orange!

12 years ago

This spring I plan on buying a lot of colorful dresses and wedge sandals!

12 years ago

I’m looking forward to getting some chino/linen shorts, gladiator sandals, baggy/flowy fitting tops with simple peaceful designs, some vintage oversized sunglasses, swimsuits with original cuts, fun bracelets with plenty of color or maybe even a plain brown leather wrist tie. :)

12 years ago

I am going to wear more color, like dark pinks, dark blues, and lots of skirts.

12 years ago

I am going to change my wardrobe by getting more clothes that can be worn all different ways! that way i can make more outfits without buying more clothes. Free people has the perfect clothes to do that with!

12 years ago

I’m going to update my spring wardrobe with bright springy colors, like, bright canary yellow and tiffany blue, and pair with fresh bold accessories. Old fashioned sunglasses in bright colors are a must, along with greek sandals.

12 years ago

I love the silhouette of a tight, high-waisted mini with a big flowy top tucked into it. Also I am looking for some casual mini dresses, I love ones made of jersey and modal/pima cotton.
I am looking for a good big tote bag with some kind of metallic finish and distressing.

12 years ago

I would like to wear neutrals, like sand, off-white, cream, khaki, beige, and my favorite color, white. Keep it light, airy, pure and simple for Spring. Like gauzy, flowing skirts and dresses with a cardigan or just jeans and tennis sneakers and a white-tee.

Elizabeth Gruenke
12 years ago

I’m cutting back on jeans and sweaters and pulling out my tights and dresses. Pastels are so fun for spring! I just bought some pastel pink reader glasses that I wear with every outfit….
I love Spring =)
and I adore Free People!

12 years ago

I plan on adding lots of coral, lots of taupe, fresh and airy white blouses and a creme-colored mini with Mexican flowers strewn about the neckline.

12 years ago

denim cutoffs, flowy boho dresses, and off-the-shoulder tops for warm spring days are a must have!

12 years ago

New dresses!, right now I like long ones, bright colors, and vintage inspired florals!

12 years ago

I’m hoping to redo my wardrobe with purples and greens. I still love brown though, and white… as for items and such, I’m planning on wearing a lot of decorative scarves, and not wearing shorts, but rather skirts and boy shorts/capris… I can’t wait!

12 years ago

I’m really excited about getting some snazzy jean shorts and bright, sunny dresses. My clothes this summer are def going to have to be scooter friendly in addition to being super duper cute and fun. I think rompers are going to be the way to go – I’ve got my eye on the Striped Crochet Trimmed Romper right now. A hat is a necessity, too – can’t walk around with helmet hair all the time! I’ll probably also be buying/making a lot of headbands and hair clips for all the weekend scooter trips. Can’t wait!

12 years ago

I will be adding more dresses in bright colors. I am planning on buying a floor length long maxi dress, to wear during the day or evening. I will be adding more cute headbands to keep back my hair on those hot summer days.

12 years ago

Those are adorable. :) I’m going to add lots of bright colors, especially blues, pinks, etc; frocks, ruffle-y items and get the most use out of my boots.

12 years ago

Very cute bags!!
I am updating my wardrobe by recycling some old pieces and finding pieces from thrift stores to mix with some high end pieces. Bold graphic patterns mixed with basics is what i am going for. I love the Peacock Graffiti Romper so i am planning on building a spring wardrobe around that silhouette and those colors! love love love it!

12 years ago

I’ve been stocking up on this insane florescent green color. It works great with olive skin tones and really brightens things up.
I’m also loving all things “hippie”/60’s, inspired by the movie “Bottle Shock”.
Peasant tops and Native American inspired pieces are also a must for me.

Arin Michelle richter
12 years ago

This spring, for me will include more fluffy lace, leather things, wild curly hair, creamy pearl studs, and fine shimmery glitter on my skin!

12 years ago

i will express my mexican background & culture through my clothing & my daughter’s, cuz she’s my 5 yr old side kick. ;)