a springy little giveaway!

Interested in winning a wallet and nail file or a phone holder and hair clip? Because we are interested in giving them away!
For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment and answer the following question:
How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring? Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
Tell us about it in a comment, and tomorrow we’ll pick two comments at random. If your comment is one of the ones chosen, you win!
Good luck!


  1. Those are the cutest little bags! I have been updating my wardrobe for spring by adding light jackets, bright colors like yellow and turquoise and I am totally in love with anything off-white/ivory right now!

  2. I’m really excited to get some linen pants, sunglasses and new swim suits for my upcoming travels to Italy!

  3. Im going to be adding a lot of bright colors for sure.
    oranges and reds.
    always up for a cardigan.

  4. I would like to add several mini-dresses to my spring wardrobe. I’d love to find some with frilly hems and modest tops (frock style maybe?). I plan on wearing them with leggings, jeans, or bare legs… I’ll stretch out the use of my vintage boots as long as I can this spring until I finally have to switch to flip-flops. I love the Free People Cuff sandals!

  5. I’m looking forward to getting some chino/linen shorts, gladiator sandals, baggy/flowy fitting tops with simple peaceful designs, some vintage oversized sunglasses, swimsuits with original cuts, fun bracelets with plenty of color or maybe even a plain brown leather wrist tie. :)

  6. I am going to change my wardrobe by getting more clothes that can be worn all different ways! that way i can make more outfits without buying more clothes. Free people has the perfect clothes to do that with!

  7. I’m going to update my spring wardrobe with bright springy colors, like, bright canary yellow and tiffany blue, and pair with fresh bold accessories. Old fashioned sunglasses in bright colors are a must, along with greek sandals.
    PICK ME!

  8. I love the silhouette of a tight, high-waisted mini with a big flowy top tucked into it. Also I am looking for some casual mini dresses, I love ones made of jersey and modal/pima cotton.
    I am looking for a good big tote bag with some kind of metallic finish and distressing.

  9. I would like to wear neutrals, like sand, off-white, cream, khaki, beige, and my favorite color, white. Keep it light, airy, pure and simple for Spring. Like gauzy, flowing skirts and dresses with a cardigan or just jeans and tennis sneakers and a white-tee.

  10. I’m cutting back on jeans and sweaters and pulling out my tights and dresses. Pastels are so fun for spring! I just bought some pastel pink reader glasses that I wear with every outfit….
    I love Spring =)
    and I adore Free People!

  11. I plan on adding lots of coral, lots of taupe, fresh and airy white blouses and a creme-colored mini with Mexican flowers strewn about the neckline.

  12. I’m hoping to redo my wardrobe with purples and greens. I still love brown though, and white… as for items and such, I’m planning on wearing a lot of decorative scarves, and not wearing shorts, but rather skirts and boy shorts/capris… I can’t wait!

  13. I’m really excited about getting some snazzy jean shorts and bright, sunny dresses. My clothes this summer are def going to have to be scooter friendly in addition to being super duper cute and fun. I think rompers are going to be the way to go – I’ve got my eye on the Striped Crochet Trimmed Romper right now. A hat is a necessity, too – can’t walk around with helmet hair all the time! I’ll probably also be buying/making a lot of headbands and hair clips for all the weekend scooter trips. Can’t wait!

  14. I will be adding more dresses in bright colors. I am planning on buying a floor length long maxi dress, to wear during the day or evening. I will be adding more cute headbands to keep back my hair on those hot summer days.

  15. Those are adorable. :) I’m going to add lots of bright colors, especially blues, pinks, etc; frocks, ruffle-y items and get the most use out of my boots.

  16. Very cute bags!!
    I am updating my wardrobe by recycling some old pieces and finding pieces from thrift stores to mix with some high end pieces. Bold graphic patterns mixed with basics is what i am going for. I love the Peacock Graffiti Romper so i am planning on building a spring wardrobe around that silhouette and those colors! love love love it!

  17. I’ve been stocking up on this insane florescent green color. It works great with olive skin tones and really brightens things up.
    I’m also loving all things “hippie”/60’s, inspired by the movie “Bottle Shock”.
    Peasant tops and Native American inspired pieces are also a must for me.

  18. This spring, for me will include more fluffy lace, leather things, wild curly hair, creamy pearl studs, and fine shimmery glitter on my skin!

  19. i will express my mexican background & culture through my clothing & my daughter’s, cuz she’s my 5 yr old side kick. ;)

  20. I will be adding bright colored tops to my wardrobe and spring scarves. I am also looking for a great comfortable flat sandal.

  21. i plan on wearing boots (cowboy boots, Minnetonka boots) with my sundresses as long as i can and adding high wasted skirts and shorts to my wardrobe :) oh and flat strappy sandals too!

  22. I love bold, bright colors… but I also love gray. A mix of the two! And lovely scarves and sandals. I long for spring I love bold, bright colors… but I also love gray. A mix of the two! And lovely scarves and sandals. I long for spring <3

  23. I’m really excited to be able to wear some new jean shorts and spring dresses for the nice new weather!

  24. This spring I want to wear lots of bright bold colors but also get back to my hippie self – flowing tops. cool sandals and as much natural stuff as possible, my main goal for my spring wardrobe is to make my wardrobe as “green” as possible

  25. i plan on cinching every outfit at the waist. no more low rise anything. i also intend on wearing many leggings and tights that hit just below the knee, so that all dresses are paired with something edgy… i think instead of frilly and flowy this spring and summer, i’m going to keep everything very sleek.

  26. Adding bits of accesories, now that it won’t be under a coat. Soft cotton dresses are what I’m mostley interested in (what else would I sun-bathe in?), and bright coloured scarves.

  27. I’m into lace tops with rugged pants and vintage looking house-dresses with textured and modern cardis for the spring. Plan on working with harem pants and chunky funky belts too.

  28. Super cute stuff! Looks like my grandma made it with her nimble fingers! For Spring, I am going to try and dip back deep into my closet and repurpose everything. I am going to try and buy just a couple very versatile things and then mix them up with everything I already have!

  29. I’m adding thin, exotic, bright scarves and interesting leggings. My jeans are going to be light and destroyed rather than dark, and I’m wearing my light gray leather jacket almost every day now. I just bought a ton of antique waist belts the other day and I’m going to incorporate that in as well. I love Free People!!!!

  30. i shall be wearing brightly colored shoes, with dresses, dresses and some more dresses… all shapes and sizes. my legs can not wait to be FREE of pants :)

  31. I’ll update my wardrobe with translucent fabrics that I can layer without bulking up. I love pale colors for spring, with subtle layers of stripes or textures. The key is to look breezy, light and effortlessly beautiful. I contrast the silhouette of top and bottom: baggy top with skinny legs, or skinny top with casual baggy legs.

  32. I often claim that I was born in the wrong decade. So with this season’s explosion of pattern and soft silhouetted dressed, I’ll fantasize that I’m among a crowd in a grassy field witnessing my favorite bands of the 60’s and 70’s perform! I also plan to revive my early high school days and pair feminine tops with black harem pants, torn and frayed skinny jeans, and black lace leggings.

  33. I plan to add more bohemian style clothing (especially Free People designs=my fave) to my wardrobe, especially casual dresses that can be worn anywhere.

  34. I’m planning on going all girly with the florals in all the shops at the moment and also incorporate lots of grey, nude and sequins for subtle sparkle! I’m excited just thinking about it!

  35. i bought the cutest (& a little pricey) clutch that is so worth it!
    i want to wear a lot of tights + denim cutoff combinations
    with loose fitting super cute tops.
    spring is about being comfortable :)

  36. my wardrobe for spring are simple patterned dresses, goddess style. They are simple with fun brigh pattern colors.

  37. Strappy/Intricate wedge sandals! I’m going to try various ways to add funk, color and flirtiness to my hair. Loose fit mini dresses with layered homemade and vintage jewelry are a must for me. peace, love and smiles! Happy Spring

  38. I can’t wait to update my winter work wardrobe. i want to break out of black and get into rich colors and prints. free people’s color palette is just the ticket!

  39. For spring I am going to be brave and girly and try to wear more yellows, oranges, and pinks. Hopefully in the form of some cute jersey dresses and and long tunics.

  40. I have been adding a lot of boyfriend tees (in bright colors) to my closet lately. Along with flirty, feminine off-white tanks with lace/beaded/ruffled details. I’m also on the hunt for the perfect pair of rain boots.

  41. I am loving casual shorts rompers for everything form the beach to shopping!!! also, any sheer material and light colors seem to be catching my eye!

  42. I plan on adding in some bright greens and deep purples to revamp! Also, cute cardigans always pair well with worn jean capris and old Rainbows!

  43. I’m really excited about getting some sundresses and cute tanks to go with shorts and mini skirts.
    And of course a Free People phone holder and a hair clip. :)

  44. Lacey tanks, skirts. A light, flowy silhouette. Strappy sandals. Light scarves. Beady jewelry. Also, lots of heart jewelry. Colors are going to be pale pinks, yellows, greens.

  45. I am all about color. Dresses are a must in the spring wardrobe. I prefer them to be knee length and flowy. I am in need of some blouses with maybe a touch of texture. i am all about sandals too. Of every color. :)

  46. I’ve been updating my wardrobe with new accessories : )
    Colorful scarves, unique handbags, exotic jewelry, and funky shoes do just the trick for me!

  47. To update my wardrobe for spring, I have been purchasing brighter colors such as yellow, orange, green, and turquoise. I like to change up seasonally so I’m not remembered for wearing a certain color or style all the time. Also, sundresses are adorable in the spring with a brightly colored cardigan. I’ve also added some brightly colored scarves to my wardrobe like yellow, orange, neon green and hot pink just to add a little something to my outfit if I am looking very plain that day.

  48. I want to mix and match colors and textures that you would not normally pair together, but have people notice how unique it looks (and of course be jealous!).

  49. i’m in the process of collecting lots of patterned and colorful dresses, large superstar shades, and flowy, billowy harem pants and jumpsuits. spring into summer is gonna have me imitating Diana Ross in Mahogony.

  50. I am updating my wardrobe by adding denim! I am loving a denim vest over a bright colored dress or denim shorts with a long unstructured top. My summer staple: FRINGE!! I will pair it with anything!

  51. Dresses and Skirts: long and flowy or short and tight….and hair accessories… lots of hair accessories.

  52. I plan on wearing more patterned dresses Spring is the best time to have a little breeze going, and great summer dresses are the coolest (no pun intended).

  53. For spring i would like to dress in more florals and lace. I want to have my wardrobe to be lots of different bright colors and patterns! With either cute brown flats, strappy sandals, or my favorite moccasins. Just in general very casual, unique, and free people CUTE! :)

  54. To update my wardrobe for Spring I will be going back to my favourite easy look, bo-ho chic. Lots of linen and flowing fabrics.

  55. My plans are to making several new “summer” dresses and skirts, shop at local thrift stores (which are thriving due to the economy), and to utilize vintage stores and yard sales!

  56. I am planning on buying some of the free people dress & a pair new sunglasses (which i bought this weekend) oh & sandals =)!!….
    I am definitely sticking to the pastel colors for spring.

  57. i recently bought a huge load of white clothes and bags and i plan on tie-dyeing them. also, i plan on not wearing pants anymore until the fall.

  58. Clearly I will be buying some new sundresses- besides daffodils, I’m pretty sure they’re my favorite t hing about spring!

  59. I’m so excited for Spring! I went to a few thrift stores the other day to update my wardrobe and shake things up! i got a few bright colored pencil skirts (turquoise, hot pink, and orange!). i also got a few funky blouses, a vest, a dress, and some sunglasses! I love matching things that you wouldn’t typically match together but somehow work. I’m so pumped to mix and match and play around with my wardrobe this spring!
    Also, every spring I pick out two or three things I haven’t worn in years, cut them up, and make them into something new! I love sewing, so it’s my version of “spring cleaning” i guess. Last weekend was that weekend, and I made a shirt and skirt into a dress and an old pair of pants into a vest!

  60. Oh man, i am excited about slip dresses and skirts. That is definatley what I will be adding to my wardrobe. And color! Lots of color!

  61. I am making a solid effort to wear more dresses this spring/summer. Also making a anticipated comeback is my ever-growing collection of white pants…they are my favorite part of warm weather!

  62. I’ve already started on the spring wardrobe! I’m totally in love with short dresses right now. I’m looking for a lot of color and patterns. I’ve been accessorizing with cowboy/vintage boots and gold jewelry, a lot of feathery like pieces. Very countryish.

  63. I plan to update my wardrobe for Spring with pretty flats and strappy sandals some destroyed vintage denim and floral and lacey tops. I want a lot of white and yellow and coral for colors.

  64. I plan on wearing more color!! i’ve been stuck wearing lots of black and grey and have found it hard to break the trend! i’m getting lots of stuff from fp because it’s colorful and fun!! i plan on dressing more feminine and cute. can’t wait for the weather to catch up with my new look!!

  65. I’d like to add some colorful short skirts, definitely some high-waisted shorts. I’m also planning on wearing dresses when bicycling more – maybe pair them with some leggings or bike shorts underneath?
    And I would like to add some more yellow to my wardrobe :)

  66. This spring/summer I am really looking forward to wearing dresses but simple ones and making the outfit come together with a really cool pair of shoes/sandals!!

  67. I am excited to Spring into Summer! I plan on buying a lot more floral prints for spring. As well, looking for browns, tans, blues and yellows.

  68. I love wearing skirts so i plan to wear a lot of them. I want them to have cute designs and patterns with spring colors and a cute tank top to go along. I’m going to try and look for bargains- I went to Thailand this past Christmas and got a very cute skirt and it was only about $5 or $6, plus it looks just like something from Free People :)

  69. Excited for 80s influence, floral strapless poofy dresses, tutu’s, electric colors, rainbows, fanny packs. Yay 80s!

  70. I’m all about dresses, wild colours, paisley and 70’s style patterns this spring. Looks like I’m gonna be a hippie!

  71. How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring? Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
    I’ve always been intrinsically and unexplainably uncomfortable about wearing hats. I haven’t had enough confidence to don a hat in everyday, so this Spring I’ve decided to try to work them into my outfits.
    They’re always so adorable on other girls and I’m going to make myself try them out!~
    I’ve always been intrinsically and unexplainably uncomfortable about wearing hats. I haven’t had enough confidence to don a hat in everyday, so this Spring I’ve decided to try to work them into my outfits.
    They’re always so adorable on other girls and I’m going to make myself try them out!~

  72. I’m simply going to throw in as many colours as possible. I have been wearing black/grey/navy all winter, and am sick and tired of it. I recently broke up with my boyfriend, and have been inspired to wear corals ever since… So red, red, blue, white, green… orange and purple. Might even try something yellow?
    But give me the sun, and I will give it something to shine on! Grey is so last season for me.

  73. I have really gotten to know the Urban Outfitter/Free People customer service people over the last month. lol
    I bought a few staple pieces that would give an edge to my current wardrobe: high waisted skirts, onesies, headwraps, and dresses.
    I sold a bunch of old clothes to consignment stores to get the money for the new stuff. :)

  74. This spring, I plan on visiting a few thrift and vintage stores and stocking up on some unique pieces. I also plan on working on my sewing skills and trying to learn how to adapt pieces into something new and beautiful! I’m looking forward to wearing lots of dresses, beaded jewelry, and flat sandals.

  75. Cute Bags!! I am totally taking advantage of oversized items! I have been waiting for this trend since I was a tomboy in Middle School!

  76. I definately want to add more floral into my spring closet and i’m so excited for colors to be back in style!

  77. Floral’s, colours and dresses. I have been wearing grey all winter – and fall as well – all last summer I wore white, and I’m sick and tired of it. I look in my wardrobe and sights.
    I just broke up with a guy, and that has made me want something red, maybe coral, orange like.
    I haven’t worn red since I died my hair.
    So please! Give me the sun and I will give it something to shine on.

  78. I have been updating my Spring wardrobe with fabulous prints, patterns and bright colors from Free People.

  79. i’ll be wearing lots more color – yellows and bright greens! im looking for a new pair of flat sandals and cute cardigans. I love spring!

  80. I absolutely love the stitch detailing on the cell phone case, and the clasp…sweet!! Also that hair clip would be simply perfect for my long hair ; ) This spring to me is going to be all about cute but comfy, simple yet pretty style…reminiscent of the days when I was a little girl. Sundresses , cut-offs, cute cool tops and flip flops are definite staples. Colors range from bold to pastels…depending on the mood! Random accessories are a must, and whenever possible…vintage vintage vintage!!

  81. I like to scour the latest on my fave site– FP, then see what I have in my closet to put together (eco-wardrobe building) and plan to save for the few items I may not be able to live without!!

  82. I’m going to be wearing lots more color – yellows and bright greens. I’m also looking for new everyday flat sandals and comfy cardigans or hoodies bc my office is always so cold! I love spring!!

  83. Im so excited for the summer! Its so happy! I hate pants.. all winter I just wear skirts and dresses and tights! I want summer then it will actually be okay!

  84. How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring? Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
    I have updated my look by adding menswear which I love! Stripes, boyfriend jeans and bow ties in my hair. I like to add a girly twist with lots of necklaces and heels.

  85. I am going to add more of an edge to my wardrobe by wearing a faux leather bomber or military inspired cropped jacket over girlier Free People Dresses and tops. I am also planning on wearing gladiator sandals to oddset the florals in my wardrobe and make my look give off the effortless cool vibe.

  86. This spring, I’m going to wear a lot of floral sundresses and gladiator sandals. But the best thing about spring is wearing fun & brightly colored hair accessories and sunglasses!

  87. bright colored relaxed tanks to wear with pretty linen pants or chino shorts. yarn hemp and embroidery floss for Friendship Bracelets for me and my friends:) delicate GOLD necklaces and a golden tannn

  88. For spring I love long crinkle skirts, boots & peasant blouses.. I’ll be swapping out my heavy scarves & woolen hats for some cotton hats and thin shear scarves/ shawls.

  89. I can’t wait to wear my flowy silk scarves, white jeans, and ray bans! lots of fun colors, sunny yellows and bright teal! paint my toes and wear flip flops! Too bad Montana springtime is more or less winter until JULY!

  90. I’d love to add and wear skirts all spring. I really like the blazer look with a cute skirt and oxford-like heels. Thanks!

  91. I’m going to recycle more clothes this year. Find old stuff…cut it up…put it back together….new clothes!

  92. I’ll mostly just be “shopping my wardrobe” and maybe embellishing some of my older clothes myself, updating them a bit. No shopping for new stuff for me! Haha. Painting on clothes is also another option I’ve been exploring…

  93. I am planning on updating my wardrobe by adding more bohemian touches. I did a lot of the same last spring and am excited to explore more bohemian looks. Last year, I had longgg hair that went well with the boho look, but I chopped my hair off mid-winter and will lighten the look of my wardrobe as well!
    P.S. I check freepeople blog every day and love it!!

  94. i’m so excited, i love spring and all the new delicious clothes i get to bring into my everyday life. i’ve gotten some awesome big and small flowy hats and dresses that i cant wait to wear.
    I’ve really been into the flowy tops that show some skin, floral prints and colored shorts for spring time
    have a great spring!

  95. I’m on the hunt for sheer breezy dresses and blouses, colorful ethnic sandals, a unique lace dress, imperfectly dyed rainbow batik print skirts, a rich velvet bag in a shocking color and lots of detailed hemp/leather/beaded/feathery hair accessories. Most of all I can’t wait to find a vintage style swimsuit with a tiny skirt!

  96. I am going to get tons of cute dresses, as well as simple jean shorts. This spring/summer I am going to accessorize with a cute headband each day (from Free People of course!)

  97. I am looking forward to bright colors, floaty dresses, florals, sandals, and short shorts! Oh, and lots of funky jewelry!!

  98. I am looking forward to wearing shorted loose fitting dresses in pastel colors. I was able to to wear one of my favorite combos the other day due to the warm weather! A 3/4 sleeve multicolored pastel green-blue-white knit dress with a mint angora and lace sweater, a big white belt and a gauzy triangle scarf. It felt so flowy and springish! I even got comments on how fresh and springy I looked!

  99. I plan on updating with bright colors, some new accessories, and I am especially loving dresses right now. They are so comfy and cute, you really can’t go with cute spring dresses, most of which will even work for the summertime!! I am wearing a blue floral tunic dress right now!

  100. I really have no dresses I wear on a habitual basis, so I’m waiting to find something I love on Free People or elsewhere. I’m also trying to find a few laid-back sweaters which aren’t too casual and have a real notable individuality to them– that which is quintessentially Free People. Including my ever-donned jeans, my wardrobe is way too full of blues and blacks– kind of dreary, so I need to work on that…

  101. Light long tops, dresses, looking for a gladiator sandals, bright leggins, lots of knitted hats, shiny nails, hair bands, folk tops that artesans make in my country and lots of CYM (cyan, yellow and magenta) :)

  102. I’m diggin nuetral, muted tones these days. Anything light and airy and mixed with some bold, over-the-top accessories. Also, I’m always into unordinary color combos like those that one might find at FP. Honestly, I’m just all over the place with what’s going on in fashion right now. So Ill be trying out things I would have never tried before… I feel like spring is the best time to test new things out. Everything is born again and so is my fashion palette this spring =)

  103. patterned shorts and bold neckware!!!
    Accesorizing is the best key!!!
    And ofcourse a great pair of flops and perfectly manicured peets!!!

  104. This spring I’m bringing back some basics with flare.
    It’s going to be a plain shirt with a super cool scarf and maybe some funky shoes.
    I’ll be wearing some of my classics of course and I don’t think I’ve worn new accessories in years. They need some history.
    Love and Exist,

  105. I can’t wait to update my wardrobe with lots of floral spring dresses and other patterns! I really like the bohemian look too!

  106. I’m planning on wearing more dresses and frilly skirts than I usually do. I also plan to wear moccassin boots and head bands with my outfits for a more vintage/hippie look!

  107. I’m going for more feminine and softer colours this spring. A lot of natural fabrics, cottons, linens, etc in shades of green, blue and purple…soft and fresh. I’m also paying more attention to details such as buttons, stitching, cut, rolled sleeves, ruffles, etc. Most of all I’m looking for pieces that make me happy and aren’t seen on every other person on the high street!

  108. Spring is Springing…in my closet!
    To update my current wardrobe i’m revamping some of my current pieces by following the diy projects that have been posted on this blog!! Adding in statement jewelry with soft airy tops paired with skinny jeans and full skirts!!

  109. I love all things eyelet + white + flowy + natural. Anything neutral, anything loose-fitting, anything comfortable. Clothes that let the season sink in.

  110. Anything light and flowing! I’m in love with stuff with lace and a bit of victorian influence (possibly even layered lingerie?! hehehe) but I want to get into the earthy gypsy look too. More robust, richer colors with ethnic patterning. But then there’s also the bright primary colors with a pair of cute jeans and flip flops :) Something for every occassion!

  111. This spring I’m all about sweet vintage details and faded ripped up jeans. Paired with some ballet flats, it all looks really cool together!

  112. I will hopefully be doing some updating with some new FP fashions, and I am also on the lookout for some cute patterns to sew! :)

  113. I’m planning on making use out of my new minnetonkas paired with printed dresses and skirts

  114. My spring attire will consist of comfortable dresses, lots of jewelry and strappy scandals! Anything that will let me run through a meadow freely.

  115. I’m definitely going to add more colour into my wardrobe.. I’m also looking for some khaki or brown basic bottoms that are comfy and light to be a staple in my outfits, ones that I can match with almost anything. On top of that I want vibrant shirts and scarves.. more Eastern or Indian inspired prints paired with simple outfits that make them stand out. I also want sandals that are comfy and I can wear anywhere. :)

  116. I wanna get high wasted skirts
    solid colors ad fun patterns
    also some new colorful tops from free people!

  117. i’m thinking about bright and bold colored tees with my favorite jeans and a bright headband for my spring revamp! thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I can not wait to buy the Pointillism Dress from the Jan. 09′ catalog and match it with my bright red keds.

  119. My spring wardrobe will consist of some recently purchased free people vest and some amazing gladiator sandals. I also love white and linen to accent the nice, spring weather.

  120. more skirts and dresses!
    i also CAN NOT WAIT for it to be warm enough to wear sandals!

  121. I am going to try and buy as little a possible, actually. I plan to renovate some of the old things I already have.

  122. I just bought the peach bottom blazer and I love it, it’s well sticked and has real pockets !

  123. I’m planning on experimenting with pairing the darker colors of winter with pastels this spring. I also have been fascinated with the drapey, flowery things that are in style now. my signature look right now is a flowy dotted skirt from last year, a bright pink tank top, layered with a dark gray tank top from the sale rack during the winter months :)

  124. I will be rockin’ out some recently purchased free people vest and some beautiful gladiator sandals. I also love skirts, linen, and anything white to accent the beautiful ambience of Spring.

  125. Loose baggy jeans & shorts! Distressed of course. Rolled up as well. I really look forward to getting out of skinny jeans and into something more Spring friendly this year! I love that bubble look rolled up loose shorts give too. I’m a total layer lover so my tops are ready for Spring already. Flow-y is my key desire with those. I also purchased a pair of loose fitting short boots I look forward to trekking around in once the Winter’s cold passes!

  126. I plan to sew a few new summer dresses and make some alterations to pieces of clothing I already own, like embroidery or maybe add some beads and things.

  127. as i sit here and ponder my ideals for updateing my spring wordrobe i relize that i still can not fathum that spring is now upon us as the weather in the area in which i live still matians the crummy charatoristics of late winter; cold and gray….but suppose to respond apprpriotly i shall say i am planing on upadating my spring wordrobe with colorful flounchy skirts/dresses, and flowy tunics.

  128. I’m slowly adding more colour through my accessories. Example, I recently bought this amazing yellow purse, it’s gorgeous! Also I NEED to get a cute pair of gladiator sandals and nice high heels.

  129. I heart dresses. If I could wear a dress everyday I would. In fact, I just might try. The perfect dress with a fun pair of shoes, the occasional chunky, bright necklace, and every so often adding pattern/texture with some fun tights :) Oh! and something I love right now, headbands with large flowers on them. Love! Just the perfect little feminine touch to even the simplest of outfits.

  130. The answer to you question for me is I don’t plan on updating my wardrobe. I look at all the different things I envy at freepeople, go home, find stuff already in my closet and try to make a similar outfit. Of couse, nothing turns out as beautiful as all of the freepeople outfits.

  131. Updating? No. I am definitely donating all my oldies and getting all NEW clothes!! Tax return baby! I love light and not tight, bright and shiny, and cute and comfortable. I need new clothes for all my upcoming travels to sunny, nice weather outside of Seattle. I need a few staple jackets one that buttons up and one that zips up. I love hoods, but will try and not buy all items with them. I try and stick with bright, solid, and simple and jazz it up with the best accessories. I’m also a sucker for gold…

  132. This season, I’m totally into spring scarves and shawls – I might try to knit or crochet a couple of things for myself. I also want to try the DIY denim distressing that you featured here awhile back!

  133. I’m planning to mix and match my current closet without having to buy any more clothing :) If I do make a purchase you can bet it will be from free people

  134. I’m going to study abroad in Pont-Aven, France this summer, so I’m going to try and dress super fashionably, while still maintaining my hippie-earthy-punk-prep vibe. This means lots of long skirts, layered tops, many bracelets, charm necklaces, Grecian sandals, boat shoes, tank tops, and flowers in my hair.

  135. i am buying a TON of new dresses because I finally lost the weight I have been trying so hard to get off!! Dresses, scarves, and sandals will be my spring and summer wear!
    and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE a wallet/file or phone holder/hairclip too!

  136. I plan on adding pieces with cut-out detailing, scalloped edges, eyelet, and ruffles galore. I’m thinking of adding some turquoise, yellows and lavenders to my wardrobe, some floral prints, and vintage jewelery, so I’m going for an overall soft and fresh look.

  137. I look forward to making my own harem pants and wearing it with gladiator sandles and a cute tank top with a sassy fedora

  138. I’m going for comfy cutoffs (homemade from my old jeans), netural colors with pops of bright and unexpected color. And lots of bright headbands for when im working in my new garden!

  139. I plan on getting more creative with the old things in my closet I’ve forgotten about. Scissors, bleach and bright colored dyes!!

  140. So cute! I’m planning on making more of my own clothes and trying to pare down my wardrobe to things I wear frequently.

  141. I update my wardrobe by wearing and making bright colored fabrics that can be worn everyday. I am looking forward to wearing sandals and silver and gold leggings this spring.

  142. This spring I really love melon colours and high waisted skirts in grays.
    Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE gladiators, and polos!

  143. I wear bright, springy colors year-round, but Spring is when I break out all of my light-weight skirts & dresses and ditch the tights. I love to feel the warmth and the breeze on my legs, I guess! I’m loving all of the FP convertible skirts so I need to add a few of those to my Spring wardrobe.
    It seems like there is more embroidery and smocking on my Spring tops than any other season. I’d like to add a couple of vests to my closet; I’m seeing cute ones everywhere right now!
    I think I start putting on more jewelry once the sweaters and jackets come off. A girl can never have too many necklaces!
    I’m usually not antsy for the next season, but I’m ready to be on with the sweet, sunshiny days of Spring.

  144. In the springtime, I love wearing flowy tunics, strappy sandals, and high-waisted skirts. It’s always fun to dress for spring, because it’s a big transition from winter, and we can finally wear short-sleeves!

  145. I plan on adding fushia pinks to my wardrobe and calypso blues as well. I am hunting for the perfect peach colored shoulder bag and brown leather flats. My number one item that I am seeking to add to my collection is a jump suit. Wood earrings and rose gold jewlry are on my top choice for accessories and can’t forget my JAL brief case. Now I just I’m craving one of your items that are cute as hell! Thx for taking the time to put this contest together!!

  146. i plan on wearing lots of bright dresses, gladiators, and big glassesss :]
    and of course anything free people!
    i plan on wearing lots of bright dresses, gladiators, and big glassesss :]
    and of course anything free people!

  147. Well, I just ordered a cute pair of grey mocs to wear instead of my more wintery sneakers. I also made a impulse buy, after a long day of work, and bought the cute Santa Rosa Coverup at Macy’s! It’s a great layering piece. I’ve also been scouring Etsy for some cute necklaces – so far I’ve scored a abalone shell feather from New Zealand and an Mucha-style female figure pendant from a great lady in Michigan. Hooray spring!

  148. I can’t wait for spring. I got a lot of items I purchased at the end of summer because, well, there were really cheap! and stylish! ;0)
    So I have lots of prints and a pair of super cute green capris I can’t wait to wear….so it will feel like I have a lot of new clothes. I didn’t get to wear the clothes because it was already fall and chilly, but now, spring/summer’s coming back and I got all these awesome tops and stuff!
    One thing I want to get is a new pair of gladiator sandals.
    All hail spingtime!! =)

  149. I’m going to mix all of my vintage gold jewelry with nature- inspired pieces like feather earrings, semi-precious rings, and a necklace with a shark’s tooth on it, and wear them with shorts and a loose t shirt.

  150. After a dark yucky winter, I like to brighten up the days with light dresses, cute skirts and shorts that reminisce of the old movies I used to watch as a kid… think the Parent Trap with Haley Mills…. and rainbow hair clips!!

  151. I want to get a cute little jean dress, some stylish looking shorts, some new colorful flats or sandals, and a few blouses I could wear at work and out (i’m liking yellow recently and small details like interesting seams, stitching or embroidery)

  152. Those bags are so cute. This spring im going to add lots of color like blues yellows oranges also lots of white. Light jackets are also a must

  153. I plan on trying out a new haircolour (I’m thinking redhead) and finding funky florals to match.

  154. Create a line of t-shirts featuring the crazy poet John Berryman. His life photos are spectacular.
    purchase: teagan and sarah macduff shoes, concert going clothers, Matt&Kim esc.

  155. hmm lets see… I’m definitely thinking of wearing that whole light and airy look, just really comfortable and really pretty and delicate

  156. Spring is in the air…and with it I hope to stock up on some cute empire waisted tops. Tops and knits with oversized sleeves and frills will be a must!

  157. I’m bringing my favorite fall fashion concept, layering, into the spotlight this Spring. It’s trickier to layer when the weather warms up, but I’m excited for it! I’m also adding a lot more saturated, bold color elements to my mostly black, white, grey and denim wardrobe.

  158. This spring I plan on adding light scarves and flowy tops-
    I really like vintage looking shirts (which are sort of flowy) with skinny jeans or tights, flats or boots, and scarves. I also plan on adding short dresses and leggings to my closet (hopefully!)

  159. Cute! For winter I went through a drab faze of all browns and blacks so for spring I’d really like to brighten it up with pastel green, blues and pinks, in a bohemian fashion, because I’m really into that right now :P

  160. I have always rolled my long hair and have decided to wear it up in a messy bun every day to give it and myself a break. I also removed the contacts and went with glasses. It gives my eyes a real break especially during the spring w all the pollen blowing around. I also have started to wear a different color for each lip which has added a little different twist. It is also allowing me to use some of the lip colors I purchased but did not like when used solo. I feel free, people!!!

  161. i’m going to be adding some new greens, pastel colors, and light dresses with tough-looking shoes and sandals :) yay spring!!!

  162. I’m planning on getting pieces with interesting patterns and embroidery. Also some nice destroyed jeans! Can’t wait for springy weather!

  163. I’m super excited for spring to buy clothing with more vibrant colors than that of my winter wardrobe…like canary yellow, cobalt blue, magenta, etc. I definately need some flowy dresses in my wardrobe as well as some cotton miniskirts which i will probably belt and make highwaisted. Other than that, I do need a new denim jacket and shoes! sandals, heels, etc. definately going to need to buy some florals as well as some more lacey items

  164. This spring I plan on wearing lots of dresses in neutral colors in a light material like cotton or gauze.

  165. Anything earthy and somewhat folkish inspires me so those themes will continue to show up in my closet this spring. I love the down-to-earth and unique feel these clothes bring me when I wear them :)

  166. i plan on filling my wardrobe with eyecatching colors and floral patterns. i love everything billowy and lacey as well

  167. For spring I hope to wear soft pinks and basic cotton tees with ripped demin shorts and plaid sneakers

  168. My biggest update will be switching from tights to bare legs and flowy open-neck tees instead of cardigans. I plan on wearing a lot of girlie dresses in bright colors; anything that tricks me into believing I live at the beach.

  169. This summer I plan on picking up more vintage silky scarves and silver hair clips to pair with my favorite Free People tanks and tunics!

  170. Going to incorporate some light sweaters from winter with airy and light dresses for spring. Lots of color, pair of thin leather boots to beat the breeze away and tons of string necklaces!

  171. Looking forward to get a crochet halter bralette at some point for layering. Chain mill necklaces are also on my wish list!

  172. I’m looking to update with some light airy dresses and some denim cutoff shorts. Also need some new sandals and hippie-ish skirts.

  173. What a cool give-away! To update my wardrobe for spring, I’m getting my long hair cut short (a yearly spring-thing), bringing more linen pants and skirts out for wear again, and breaking out colours like cream pirate-pants, pale green skirts/shirts, rose-pink silk headscarfs, and brown leather shoes and bags.

  174. For spring I am aiming for the flowy and light colored: sun dresses, flowy tanks, and soft cotton shorts. Cute headbands and sparkly earrings will accessorize.

  175. I’m definitely be going to adding a lot more brightly patterned dresses to my wardrobe and I am also loving rolled cuff denim shorts

  176. How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring?
    Refining anything I already own. This includes tailoring pieces I have been reluctant to wear, or fashioning them up-to-date to the latest trend.
    Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
    Bows & bold statement, exposed zippers are in. So these are items I am more leaning towards in purchasing that is different this spring.
    Special? I just bought a vintage Art Deco necklace. :)
    Colors? Nude! For sure, but with clean dark edges to accentuate my silhouette so I don’t appear naked from afar.
    & lastly the nouveau ‘2009 Silhoutte’ you ask? I believe the waist line is back & something all women should grow to accentuate. I have a literal perfume bottle body so wearing a free waist line is a big no-no. Hence, Bandaged new wave 80’s dresses, here I come!

  177. i really like flowy tops that makes you breath. Just anything that stands out that no one has, expecially things like in the march issue of freepeople! i love you guys and the cute give away!

  178. I plan on accessorizing more with vintage & vintage inspired pieces and more of the bohemian style. I’m really loving the 70’s vibe like Stevie Nicks during her Rumours period!

  179. im going to update with bursts of color, lots of light jackets, loosey goosey short, and fun hairpeices.

  180. Lots of bright colors! It’s spring! And more girly stuff–dresses, florals. And of course the gladiator sandal craze I will be giving into…

  181. I am planning on getting a few bright colored pieces to add to my wardrobe. I am also going to buy a couple pairs of cute shoes that will go with my dresses. I love wearing dresses!

  182. i definately want to wear high waisted skirts and more color!! all winter i’ve been stuck in white black and gray! i also want lots of strappy flat sandals! can’t wait for warm weather!

  183. I have been looking for skirts that hit at the knee or just below (20-22″), that have a pull on style that aren’t too full or too narrow, just sort of in between. I am looking for gray items. Tops that have short sleeves (have enough sleeveless/tanks). A nice lightweight jacket that skims over the hips and butt. I am always looking for anything in a jersey material. Capris or bermudas that I can wear casual or dress up for work.

  184. Go big or go home! Big colors, prints, and flowers will keep it freshh. I also am planning on embracing the 20’s silhouette and rockin some feathers.

  185. I would love to find some capris that don’t look little-girlish. Same goes for skirts. I’d also love to get some greens and purples in my wardrobe.

  186. I’m updating for spring by doing a little spring cleaning first! With what’s left I’m going to embellish some shirts a little myself, cut off some jeans to make capris or shorts, and of course get some new dresses or skirts!

  187. lots of colors! im so excited to wear sun dresses and skirts and soak up the sun. im starting to get into wedges so hopefully i can find ways to incorporate them into my outfits and fun hair and natural makeup. yay spring!

  188. I’m really intrested in going to and traveling to new places.. so im hoping to pick up new fabrics that i can make dresses out off. i think im going to go more toward lighter for spring :]
    also im going to look for ways to make clothing from scraps for salvation army and homeless shelters to add creativety for spring !

  189. I’m so inspired by Isabel Marant’s Spring 09 collection. It’s Free People-meets-Paris; boots with jean shorts, embroidered tunics, beautiful cuts and interesting prints, all put together in the most natural way. Gorgeous.

  190. Since I’m on a budget, I’m thinking of buying a couple of dresses, ranging from tight to flowy, in solid colors and pairing them with some wonderful and colorful hand-made jewelry I received from a friend who lives in Colombia.

  191. Lots of earthy reddish tones (orange, peach, etc) with whirts shorts or capris. Long necklaces and chunky bracelets. Long tank tops and short cardigans.

  192. Ahh spring. The season of warmth and beauty. This spring is all about simplicity yet boldness for me. My wardrobe will be seeing some new dresses that accentuate my soon to be tan legs. Some beads, boots, and belts to make any look complete. Its all about the look of effortlessness with a little pizzaz to make everyone feel the beauty of spring.

  193. Ahh spring. The season of warmth and beauty. This spring is all about simplicity yet boldness for me. My wardrobe will be seeing some new dresses that accentuate my soon to be tan legs. Some beads, boots, and belts to make any look complete. Its all about the look of effortlessness with a little pizzaz to make everyone feel the beauty of spring.

  194. Those bags are cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) To update my wardrobe I am going to look at Free People and buy some whites and yellows and even tie dyed clothing. Also some shorts! :) I really like white and light pastels! I am looking forward to going to Free People next weekend before I leave for my Spring Break Trip with my friends.

  195. I plan on accessorizing. Shoes are fantastic lately so I will also add some of those. I want to look confident in my clothes. I will wear cropped pants for sure and lots of cap sleeved dresses. …and color… and skirts…

  196. LOTS more dresses!!!!!!! I rely way too much on jeans and black pants. I want to show off the legs and treat myself to a new pair of heels!

  197. I’ll be wearing bright floral patterns and solids. Also I’ll be wearing flowy FP dresses in salute to summer!

  198. lots of skirts and florals. gladiator sandals, boots. simple, pure colors. i also plan on doing more embellishing of clothing i already own. i’m going to spain in a week and hope to find inspiration for my spring wardrobe there!

  199. i’ve been rekindling my love with my old denim jacket so hope to bring that out after a few years’ absence. also i want to wear more cute sandals rather than my usual plain old navy flip flops. and maybe some more funky bracelets.

  200. I’m trying to reuse as much of my clothes as possible, so I’m planning on getting things that I can layer with, and play around with so I can create also a lot of different outfits in one.

  201. Brighter, bolder colors for sure! Lots of A-line dresses, flowing tops over shorts, colorful and flowery tunics, leather jewelry, strappy sandals..

  202. I definately want some rugged looking cut off shorts cute swim suits and flowy drapy tops! Can’t wait for spring!

  203. Im planning on wearing more indian flavored designs. Im getting married in September and all my bridesmaids are wearing Sari’s. (I am the white midwestern girl, he is Indian) So I’m going to start the indian celebration early! Bright colors! Tangerine Orange, Electric Blue, Lime Green, Magenta’s!

  204. well i was thinking of making some sort of bohemian ballerina look, a mix of vintage jewlery, soft skinny clothes but with unique prints and fabrics.

  205. I’m going to invest in some ragid/worn white skinny jeans.. I’m hoping to find a great pair that are a semi loose fit and casual, to wear with earthy/strapy leather flats and light pastel summer tops. Maybe even throw on a cozy scarf to keep warm while I wait for summer time to get here!! : )

  206. I plan to get myself a new pair of sandals! I love all those strappy sandals that i see everywhere. I would also be wearing more floral skirts and i love the tie dye scarves too.

  207. I am loving the Spring tunics popping up everywhere. I’m obsessed with them and I’m wearing them with all kinds of things including shorts, leggings and skinny pants and topping them off with sandals or boots. I also love adding little details like lacey bandeaus for more texture!
    My favorite colors for Spring have actually been pretty basic! Black, White, Grey, and all shades of Blue have been my faves so far!

  208. I am definitley looking to update! I love my skinny pants, but I am excited to collect some nicely tailored trousers, I’m also crazy about tucking in shirts lately, so hopefully I’ll stock up on some oxford shirts…maybe I’ll scope out the little boys department for some plaid! Btw, love this blog!

  209. for spring i want to switch to light weight, super comfortable loose clothing. to make the clothing a little more fitted i will opt for high waists and belts/sashes. more knits and more natural fibers. yay spring!

  210. Really into the idea of putting some Folk inspired items into my spring waredrobe. Lots of embroidery and bright colors. Maybe some more dresses as well.

  211. My husband is stationed in Valdosta, GA. We just found out that we are transferring to Cheyenne, Wyoming. So in keeping with the Cowboy (girl) tradition over there, I am thinking a Jewel meets Daisy Duke look. Can’t wait!

  212. I am planning on brightening up the color pallet a little with saturated pastels like light coral pink, cornflower blue, mint green. I am looking for destroyed denim shorts and light-weight shirts. I am also looking for pendant necklaces that are made of string or twine.

  213. For Spring this season, I am planning on brightening up the color pallet a little with saturated pastels like light coral pink, cornflower blue, mint green. I am also looking for pendant necklaces that are made of string or twine, detroyed denim short shorts, and cape shirts.

  214. I’m really excited to wear white this spring! I live in Florida so wearing tunics and tank tops and thin tops is essential. I’m also really excited to wear bright colors and lots of embroidery!

  215. To change it up this spring, I’m going girly! My usual garb of a graphic tee, chunky sweater, raybans, skinny jeans, and my converses is out, and I’m going to instead opt for something more classic, flowy, and feminine.

  216. Much more cute vintage in bright prints like Lilly Pulitzer over old worn jeans. Lots of chic sun dresses with flip flops!!

  217. SPRINGY SKIRTS: I just bought one to embroider the bottom. More skirts and some knit tops. I don’t own many knit tops but am adding to the collection (just purchases some from your “sister” store, Anthro)…and of course, jewelry and basic brown, leather sandals.

  218. I am taking sewing classes, and learning the art of “altered couture”…by using materials and textures that inspire me, and remind me of spring…I hope to embelish, elaborate, and embroider…my pre-existing clothes and new finds, to create an authentic line of “me-made” originals:-)

  219. How are you planning on updating your wardrobe for spring? Anything special, unique colors, or silhouettes you’re into for spring?
    Tell us about it in a comment, and tomorrow we’ll pick two comments at random. If your comment is one of the ones chosen, you win!
    For the spring, I hope to get alot of colorful, flowy clothing for my wardrobe. To spice it up a bit, I hope to get a cute pair of beaded sandals as well. :) I love spring….

  220. For the spring, I plan on filling my wardrobe with lots of cute flowy, colorful dresses. Light outfits to wear to the beach that flow in the wind are cute as well. I loooovvvee spring….

  221. I am looking forward to wearing my green hunter boots with my little short dresses and tunics. My new thing is adding a little bit of lace to the mix. I came across an article on wearing a slip under a very short skirt. It created a little sexy lacey look which I am all about. I have been going to thrift store after thrift store to find the perfect length slip. I am hunting for a black slip with a lot of lace trim and a cream slip with a little bit of lacey trim. I have not found my sole mates yet, but that is the beauty and addiction of shopping at a thrift store. I believe this new spring look is easy to achieve, but it will look like you went out and bought a new dress, tunic, or skirt. I love taking something old and reinventing it! It speaks SPRING!!!

  222. For spring I’m loving the boho look….flowy tops, dresses, leggings, etc. Also, a pair of grecian inspired sandals this spring is a must! I’m definitely going to look for items that can be mixed and matched to create several different outfits and thus not dip into my budget as much!

  223. OK, the giveaway is now officially closed! Thank you all for participating! Look for the winners to be announced in the next couple of hours!! :):)

  224. I’m so in love with dresses… so spring will bring MORE dresses into my closet, lots of high waisted skirts, and the most lovely yellow ballet flats I just bought yesterday. I’m also loving sheer knee socks.

  225. This spring I’m going for sophisticated and more form fitting clothes. I may find myself a new pair of boots to match with an adorable dress for going out or a comfortable one piece outfit to match with some heels. Spring means new beginnings and fresh colors, and that’s exactly what I want out of a new wardrobe. Some nice neutrals (besides black) that will go with anything and lavenders, pinks, and greens to reflect the colors of spring. I’m so excited about updating my wardrobe…I can’t wait!

  226. I’m going to get some more white/beige peasant type tops, high waisted skirts, and white skinny jeans ! I also need a spring-colored tote to switch over from my winter purses…

  227. I am super obsessed with the distressed jeans you have this season. I have been trying for years to do it myself. IMPOSSIBLE. I have the white ones on order and it will go with all of my tunics this spring. I love colors with white. Wow, I can’t wait.

  228. This Spring I plan on wearing lemon yellows, pastels mixed with gold, and silver metallics, flat shoes to make a run for it when need be
    silhouettes are very deconstructed unrefined edges, mixed and matched graphic prints monochromatic silver and gold blocks, flower appliqued collage shirts, army green mixed with gold and silver tye dyed shades of blue

  229. I’ve been adding light jackets, dresses in bright colors and much needed structure pieces. Also, some subtle animal prints and wedge sandals for spring.

  230. I’m thinking classic spring pastels, but in modern cuts and paired with cutoff denim shorts, in colors other than classic blue. I also plan on adding flowy but short dresses, simple light jackets and peep-toe boots.

  231. I love prints with bright colors. I’ll be in Split in Croatia this summer and I am soooooo excited for a new wardrobe with lots of FP :) hopeing to see some new bright color flats and printed summer dresses :)

  232. comfortable dresses! i am already in the mood for spring-wear. i don’t care how cold it is; i will wear my spring clothes when i feel like it, especially free people spring dresses.

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