christian siriano’s payless shoes

Okay so I know this is slightly old, but I just found out a little bit ago that Christian Siriano, who won Project Runway a while back, designed a bunch of shoes and bags for Payless ShoeSource! Those are some of them above, and for only 25-45$ a pair, they look darn awesome! I’m pretty into this – and I think I will have to get a pair of the chained up shoes in the upper right corner. What do you guys think? Like or no?
Via The Cut.


  1. I would LOVE to own the pair in the middle of the bottom row… if only they didn’t have the spikes!

  2. ha, a little masochistic looking, but i like that in combination with the brown for some reason. it tones the S&M vibe down. i dig all the spikes and chains!

  3. I feel like these will target a select few and the majority of them will end up on clearance and undersold. It will be sad. He would have done better going high end and forgetting the spikes.

  4. I love these shoes! The bright blue soles are amazing! I don’t if I will be able to wait til September to get a pair….

  5. I really hope these shoes actually represent the ones that will go for retail in the Fall. The heels look quite tall for Payless, though. Would it make sense to tone them down? Maybe for marketing to the average Payless customer and that sucks.

  6. Nooo! Say it isn’t so! I really hope that they aren’t watered down Katie, though you’re probably right… :(
    But we want cheap tall sexy shoes darn it!

  7. These shoes are really nice. That is why I highly doubt they are the actual pieces going into production…i’ll believe it when i see it

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