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Have you guys seen these behind-the-ear earrings that have been popping up lately?

There are pictures featuring them floating around the internet, but I haven’t really seen information about them. I like them! Do you? Would you wear them? Have you heard anything about them? How on earth do they stay on?
Pictures via Fashion Fille.


  1. I really hope you can find out where these are from! I’ve been searching on the internet and I cannot find them, but they are just too cool to give up on!

  2. I love the first two. I think they’re something I would admire from afar though, not sure if I would actually buy them, they look like they would be expensive. but they sure are beautiful.

  3. omg! I love your blog Fashion Fille! I’m really glad you commented- I saw the pics on your blog! I kept looking for where I found the pics yesterday, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember! Yay!
    Hey and nice earring finds too… :):)

  4. I remember to see on the Tv a model talking about those earrings, she design something like this. I take the name of, and try to model one earing for me… But, infortonely I lost all this information… I’m so sad, because this is a gorgeous peace

  5. I saw a pair in Nylon and they were Limi Feu earrings but I can’t find anything else about them online such as purchasing them.

  6. The model that designed them years ago is named “Anouk Lepere.” She never had her ears pierced, but still wanted to wear earrings, so she designed pieces similar to these back in 2002. I can’t really find any other info online, and I know this comment is a wee bit late, but better late than never!
    p.s. this has got to be the most adorable blog ever to grace the internet

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