police hugging cyclists

Okay so this is interesting – the video below captures police in Denmark hugging helmet-less cyclists and giving them helmets. I know it’s probably just a propaganda thing, but do you guys know anything about this? Even if it is a stunt for good press, it’s really cute to see. Good effort!

For more discussion of this little topic, see here.


  1. anyone notice that they let those 2-3 women go by in the beginning and just stared at them? how come the women don’t get hugs and helmets?

  2. Yeah I did see that! I wondered if maybe they were afraid to hug the ladies since they’re guys… maybe they thought hugging a random girl would weird her out or something…. Maybe (hopefully) there are lady cops somewhere hugging and passing out helmets to women???

  3. Of course this is a pr stunt, but it actually happens in Denmark. Last year the Traffic safety council decided to change politics abouts cyclist, and urged the police to hand out helmets and lights (when seeing people drive around in the night without) instead of giving fines. And so they did.

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