walk don’t run

It’s so muggy in Philadelphia today! It is starting to feel very summery outside and for some reason I just have this great song, Walk Don’t Run, by The Ventures stuck in my head! I came across this video of them performing the song live in 1960 – I’m pumped! You don’t always find clips like these! It’s a little blurry at times but the close ups of their faces while performing are so cute! They look nervous!
Anyway, great song, enjoy!


  1. cool! I never knew the name of this song!
    + i like how the drummer is in the front, instead of stuck in the back like todays bands! ;)

  2. Today I heard “Walk, Don’t Run” on telphone call holding music. I was
    excited.! Took me a few minutes to bring the title to mind; we had the Ventures LP way back then; I can still picture the album cover. I looked it up on line and here I am. My sound card is out in my computer, but I enjoyed the video. Those were the days! Good music.

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