not so fast, mark…

on tuesday, ny daily news reported that designer mark fast intended to use plus-size models on the runway during london’s fashion week.

his stylist and creative director quit 3 days before the show.
if the girls pictured are his models, i think he did a rad job, but…what do you think?

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12 years ago

He has right. Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer were smaller than these girls? I don’t think so, but we had thought: they were the most beautiful women in the world in those years. These models look healthy.
Unfortunetely, he won’t have any followers. :(

12 years ago

he used only 3 plus-sized models along w/ regular sized models…I think it was an admirable and important move on his part. Plus the show’s opening model is absolutely gorgeous, plus-sized or not

12 years ago

If that girl in front is the “plus-sized model,” then at a size 4, I am an absolute whale. Lame publicity stunt with no lasting positive impact, I say.

12 years ago

Small steps, Lori. The modeling industry will not be reformed in one day and I think this guy knows that. Small steps in the right direction will help his stance better than let’s say, going from size 0 to size 8.

12 years ago

agree, blatant publicity stunt.
more importantly, he embarassed that poor girl by having her wear a dress clearly intended for someone a lot smaller.
i think some people dont want to face the truth. clothes look better on those uber skinny girls – they just hang better.

12 years ago

A good designer would be someone who can designs clothes that makes EVERYONE pretty. If a dress doesnt look good on plus or regular person, then he/she should NOT be considered a designer.

12 years ago

Is this what everyone believes plus size is? If so, then the world has become a sad place.

12 years ago

Yes, that picture is from his show. The girl in front is one of the ‘plus-size’ models (UK size 12), the other two were a size 12/14, and a size 14. I think it’s great he’s trying to show his clothes on more normal-sized women, though I do wonder at 12/14 being called ‘plus-size’ (the average UK woman’s dress size is 16, after all).

12 years ago

the ‘plus’ size girls are really just normal size. and the clothes look great on them.

12 years ago

I am just happy to see women of all sizes finally gracing the cat walk. I had heard of such rumors but did not believe them. I personally am encouraged… I get told that I should model but when I looked into it (trust me I have done my research and my fair share of auditions) I am often times told that I need to loose weight. Frustrating since I am just a very curvy size 4, 5’10” young lady. But I am happy to see such a small “improvement” in the fashion industry.

jody stephens
12 years ago

I think it’s great and it’s about time. I as a parent spend time educating my girls on healthly eating, not starvation. I think it’s important that they, and the world see that emaciated bodies are not normal or attractive. It’s time to stop glorifying women who starve themselves to be an unhealthy single digit size.

12 years ago

I was so encouraged to read this post…until I scrolled down to look at the picture. I was convinced it must have been the wrong one… these were “plus-size” models?! It’s pretty ridiculous in the first place that plus-size is defined as a size 8, but there is no way that any of these girls are a size 8. As a former victim of a severe eating disorder, this makes me want to throw up. If I weren’t happy with my current size 4 body, this would seriously throw me back off the wagon. No wonder young girls have such self-image problems…

Mushroom Moon
12 years ago

Wow.. I could be a plus size model. I’m a size 4! Hooray!
The intelligent idea is to go to school and get a degree so you can design the clothing.. not starve yourself to advertise it.

12 years ago

No matter who wears these women’s dresses, they are designed with smaller women in mind. The fundamental component here, is that it drew attention to Mark Fast’s women’s dresses.

12 years ago

I thought the whole point of having thin models was to make the clothes “hang” off the model as if they were on a walking clothes hanger…not to distract the onlooker by a body that is “normal” or “plus size”. Having thin models is for the purpose of having no womanly distractions that take away from the clothes being shown….people don’t realize that & want to make a big deal about models & their weight because of what it portrays to young girls. So maybe we should have plus sized mannequins? Because they portray unrealistic body type, as well. Or maybe they are shaped to act as clothes hangers, just as thin models are.
One reason I have to wear designer clothing is because I am so thin that I can’t even fit into an American Eagle size 00 long jean. This is not because I starve myself or exercise like crazy, but because it’s the hand I was dealt when my parents decided to procreate & no amount of food or protein shakes have been able to undo that. All my life, I’ve struggled with body image, not because I felt I was ugly, but because other people voiced to me that I’m “too skinny”. I get approached by strangers & asked if I “do that on purpose” (as in me being thin)…I’m told I need to eat by complete strangers (when I eat more than anyone I know!) The concept is the exact same for bigger girls & for thinner girls…people are going to make fun of you no matter what you look like…only I would never walk up to a fat person & tell them they need to try a salad or ask if they are fat on purpose. All of it is really quite disgusting to me. People should just understand that bodies come in all shapes & sizes & that models are thin because they are supposed to act as clothes hangers…& clowns are goofy because they are supposed to make people laugh…& salespeople are aggressive because they have to fill their quotas…& that waitresses at Hooters can only be female because men don’t have the right bodies for the shorts & tank tops.
There is such a thing as a BONA FIDE OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION & models, as well as actresses, fit under the requirements by law (well in the US & Canada)

12 years ago

@Lindsey: I understand where you’re coming from, in high school I was a size 0-2 and used to get harassed all the time, but it makes me wonder, if the models are supposed to be like coat-hangers then why have clothes on ppl at all? Why not just hang them on hangers? Even regular-sized girls want to wear designer clothes, but they’re often not cut to fit them. I think that’s what Mark Fast was trying to convey, that his clothes could be worn by all different sizes, not just super-thin girls.

12 years ago

That’s a plus sized model??? She looks like a 4 or a 6…hardly plus sized…more like normal sized.

12 years ago

I agree with Jen, that he may have just been trying to show his designs were unconvtional and as a result he has now got the wrong type of press. Womens clothing attracts more stories than mens, and he surely misjudged the sensitivities to the zero size dresses.

12 years ago

I think the argument for thin models as coat hangers is a valid one, that the clothes do hang better on these women, but I think that the opposite can also be true. In my opinion, women of model-like proportions cannot wear some styles with chunky fabrics, or very structured or curve enhancing shapes. Just as many designer styles look better hanging on a slender woman, some styles look better with the support of a filled-out woman underneath. I’ve seen slender women walking around in thick corduroys and woolen coats, and it looks like they’re wearing upholstery fabric. Similarly, curvier women have long been regarded as sexy, and thin women are boyish as often as they are elegant. It’s just a matter of perspective, in my opinion. And no one design will be flattering to everyone.

12 years ago

I totally agree with Sherlyn’s word that “A good designer would be someone who can designs clothes that makes EVERYONE pretty. If a dress doesn’t look good on plus or regular person, then he/she should NOT be considered a designer.” I think this post will definitely helpful for the designers as well as readers like me. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.

8 years ago

I love your clothes. But they don’t fit me. Especially now. Because for some reason, the 3 medications I now have to take that I will not be able to live without, I have gone from a size 10 to a size 20 in 10 years. I am not sure what I am going to do. It makes me very upset. There is basically no way to lose weight on these medications, at least not all the way back down to a size 10. I saw your Daisy Lace Dress, the model is 5’9″ like me, and she is a size Small. I think I’m a XXL now. And I haven’t even had kids yet.

Please make your clothes bigger. The fact that they don’t fit really hurts.