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11 years ago

How fun! What a wonderful home and adorable family. And such a cool idea doing the video. Love it!

11 years ago

Amazing. The house is beautiful and the whole family is adorable.
I have her jacket! Lol. I think i got it from wet seal a couple years ago. Loving the idea, and ofcourse love FP.

11 years ago

this is such a great idea. like cribs but soo much more interesting. love it!!!!!!!

11 years ago

What a charming house! I love the decorations and I love the family even more!~

Very inspiring! Keep the adorable videos coming!

11 years ago

Wow, I covet her life. She’s beautiful, the house is gorgeous, the kids are adorable, and what a cutie her husband is!

11 years ago

What a fantastic video! More More! Super Super cute house.

11 years ago

what a wonderful house, full of personality and soul.
beautiful family too.

4 years ago

What happened to these videos? Came back for inspiration and they are taken down?