It’s Time for Change


I’m almost done with Winter, aren’t you? I’m bored of the dull weather and more importantly the DULL colour scheme in my wardrobe!

So I’ve decided. Note to self- that from now on I’m going to introduce a little bit of ditsy floral into the mass of Grays, Blacks, and Browns that are over consuming my rails. I thought maybe it will work as a “perk me up” and contribute to the excitment of spring that follows. You never know.

This morning I created myself a little capsule wardrobe from the New In items on the web. So many beautiful items have been launched this week!

All that’s left to do now is count the days until Spring.

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13 years ago

Love your idea of updating with ditsys. I think those boots have to be purchased ASAP to re vamp my dull winter ensamble. I salute you free people. Hello spring x

13 years ago

Omg, those cute little shorts are no.1 on my spring wish list! I never thought to pair them with Chelsea boots and pop socks…thanks Free People, constant inspiration x

13 years ago

nice pictures and nice topic, its cahnge time…like it…

13 years ago

cute cute cute… yes i want florals nowwwww..and also the hippy earrings are H-O-T. x

vanessa naish
13 years ago

This is so cute good plan i say!xx

13 years ago

Its time to brave the cold like a little snow drop and showcase all things ditsy and pretty…….i so cant wait!!xxxxxx