cozy coffee

one of our readers, jessica, makes these adorable hand-knit coffee cup cozies with decorative felt flowers- a cute and eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. nice work!

check out more cozies in jessica’s etsy shop.


  1. isnt this kind of eco-counter intuitive? we’re making cute cozies to cover our disposable paper cups to LOOK eco friendly, and yet still using the most wasteful part of the “coffee-to-go” process…the cup. This is okay if you want to look like you care about the environment but dont really care whether or not your actions make a difference. Just buy a reusable mug, and if you want to decorate get one of those photo mugs that are clear so you can collage what the whole thing looks like!

  2. I don’t think it’s eco-counter intuitive. Yes, the paper cup stays in tact but you’re still eliminating, or trying to eliminate, one wasteful part of the process. It’s not “all or nothing” it’s “every little bit helps” and this is an adorable way to help out a little. Plus, they look like they keep your hands a little cozier in the winter and prevent more heat loss from your coffee.

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