1. Hee hee! More fodder for the “unlike” button campaign. OK, but for real? I remember seeing an interview with Ashlee Simpson back when she was pregnant saying that husband, Pete Wentz, was happily donning her size 2s.

    Don’t know which is scarier — jeggings, men in jeggings, or that Pete fits in a premium denim size 2…

  2. That took me a while to get. Heehee now I realize it’s April Fools! Amazing FP, you make me smile.

  3. The real April fools is that there are actualy men that do wear women jeans so they can have the skiniest ones! I know plenty of guys who do that! Lol. I don’t know if this is an American blog or not but I’m from Britain and It’s a fashion trend amoungst the super trendy indie emo guys atm:/ haha.

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