cruel summer

a post from our concept intern anastasiya :)

What is it about summer that makes it so easy to fall for?

I refuse to believe that it is merely the warm temperature. Whenever I had at my disposal a moment to think freely, I caught my mind dancing around that same question, trying to grasp what moments or events define my past summers and make me so nostalgic. Amid my contemplation, with glazed eyes for disguise, I decided that this summer, due in large part to this internship, has been the most memorable of recent years. At moments I still prod myself to see that this is not all a dream.

But what is it for you that gives summer its mystique? Is it the long nights that seem to stretch to infinity until you can no longer tell if you are awake? The warm air that rouses your childhood senses and makes you believe in magic—believe in the power of your dreams. The feel of the wind on your face, the music in your ears, and the electricity that is born of the company of friends. What is the essence of your summer?

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13 years ago

The way the sun feels when you wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead, the smell of rain on hot pavement, the amber glow of the end of a summer day that promises it will be back again…

13 years ago

It is the nostalgia of days past when worlds of make-believe took over our minds. The days were long and summer felt infinite. Our time was our own and we were free to dream and imagine the days away. Now I always feel cheated when I am stuck in my cubicle, wasting away the hours while the beautiful sun shines down on the world outside. It feels like my freedom and the possibilities that summer always held have been taken away.