office style

our senior stylist wore the desert maxi dress with a simple gray sweatshirt and belt today and it looked amazing!

i love how our office coordinator toughened up her chiffon and lace slip with a leather jacket and sneakers!


her sneakers and necklace are pretty rad too :)



and our associate stylist looks simply adorable in a polka dot dress, tights and red shoes.  i also love the lone bangle worn high up on her arm!


  1. I love blogs that have pictures in them; I think they are a great way to show exactly what your store has. Also, by putting photos up of your employees wearing the clothes that you sell it gives people a lot of different ideas of how to wear them. Sometimes when you show things a certain way it makes people branch out and wear things a way that maybe they would not wear before! Free People does a great job of showing their customers different ways to wear their clothing items. Before I would think that I could only wear a shirt with jeans but Free People helps you realize that you can put that shirt with leggings and some rustic boots and have a completely different look to it! Thanks for all the help.

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