scarf style

our stylists demonstrate some of their favorite ways to style scarves this season! modeled by one of our lovely buyers :)

our stylists picked the we the free recollections thermal and tribe printed scarf because they love the mix of prints.

look #1

for look one, simply drape the scarf around your neck and add a belt around the waist!

look #2

this look is great for a chilly day! place the scarf on top of your head, letting a little bit of hair show, and toss the ends of the scarf over opposite shoulders.

look #3

wrap the scarf around your waist and wear it like a belt!

look #4

i would never think to do this! add a unique spin to a belt by layering the scarf underneath :) the belt used here is the lara wrap waist belt.

which look do you guys like best?

the song in the video is “free” by modern mothers.


  1. Me too neely! I love the vid and the song particularly. I wonder what’s its title? And your buyer is soo cute! She looks shy in a nice way!

    More power!


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