our october catalog

here at free people we are so inspired by fashion bloggers – we love seeing how they express their personality and fashion sense through their blogs.  there is no denying the influence they’ve come to have in the fashion world and we love it, because they’re real girls.  so we invited three bloggers, each with their own unique look and style, and asked them to model in our catalog.  we wanted the shoot to be natural and fun, and capture them in their element.  each blogger had the freedom to style their own outfits and were photographed in the homes of three of our employees, each with their own personal photographer.

the outcome: a visual diary of three girls who love to have fun with fashion.

natalie suarez makes the world of modeling more personal by sharing her off duty style, fashion inspiration, and passion for music on her blog natalie off duty. natalie was photographed by her sister dylana suarez (of the blog nana in wonderland) at the home of our creative director in northern liberties, philadelphia.

england-based georgia larsen is the free-spirited blogger behind dora’s fur, where she shares her eclectic style, fashion inspiration and personal photos and stories. georgia was photographed by our studio photographer nathan kula, at his home in northern liberties, philadelphia.


rumi neely has become an international sensation through her blog fashiontoast, where she showcases her impeccable style in editorial-quality photos taken by her boyfriend colin sokol. rumi was photographed by colin at the home of our senior designer in mt. airy, philadelphia.

the catalog will be available online and in the mail on october 5th.


  1. I love the Free People catalogue, and I’m a huge FP fan. I follow this blog constantly. For some reason I’m really put off that you guys would go as far to feature bloggers in the catalogue. I feel like public blogs are over sensationalized and now you guys are adding to this. These girls are random bloggers, not models (except for one, who you just furthered her career, so she is a lucky model!) Most of these blogs I am getting a lookbook vibe more then anything else. Slightly disappointed, keep it real! You guys are good at doing that!

    *I AM a fan of fashion blogs, don’t get me wrong.

  2. oh hush. I love this idea of putting fashion bloggers in rather than the regular models..it’s a mix! I love it, and can’t wait to see the end result in the catalog! Keep it up FP!

  3. I love that FP featured real girls. I get inspired more by streetstyle than runway style. These girls show that latest fashion and trends look amazing on “typical figures” as opposed to models. I love blogs and how they connect fashionable girls across the country.

  4. No, real girls is them putting employees in the catalog. However looking at the final product they do look like models, and it did turn out nicely. I just wish I hadn’t of known they were some random bloggers. I guess I should start one and maybe you will feature me one day! :)

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