wee people is here!

wee people is now up online! it is so exciting to be able to see the whole collection after hearing about it for so long – and the little models are really too cute for words.

here is a collection featuring the favorite items of our managing director of design and image, who was inspired to create this line by her own daughter (who just so happens to be the model pictured above and in many of the wee people shots) :)

click on the image to go to our website and see more info on each item. and shop all wee people here!

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Just showed my little sister Maddie, who is 6, these clothes! She LOVES them, she calls them “fairy clothes.” Cannot wait to order! yay!


I love the wee people line, but my daughter is too old. Any plans to extend the size range to children sizes 10/12?


incase you were already feeling guilty spending $100 on a sweater for yourself…

Diana Malak

!!! Just in time for christmas, these are going to be awesome gifts for my little cousins =]

ps. LOVE the layout for the FP site

I cannot wait to keep them for my baby.


Is this still up and running?!? The link does not seem to take me anywhere and we just had our little lady cub and I’m dying to see the collection
Thanks for any/all info
Mama of Cubs with a closet full of free people