Lovely Leopard

Animal Print would you wear it??

Leopard is the type of print I have a love/hate relationship with. I can’t decide… I look at it and think naaaaaaaaaah, and then my conscious slaps me in the face and says “hang on a minute this can be cool”. Then, I bounce around with ideas of how to wear it.

I’m consciously seeing it everywhere lately, and I think it’s growing into a big trend.
I think the way I would wear it would be… in chiffon. It would have to be muted. If I were to go bold with the print it would have to be in sneak peek accessories.

I like seeing people wearing chiffon leopard maxi dresses and shirts too. Ahhhhh, see my mind is all over the place with this print.

I’m very intrigued to see if any of you Fp girls would wear animal print and if so how??



  1. I love leopard print for quirky touches and think every woman should have a pair of leopard print shoes. You dont really notice them first thing when you see someone but when you scan their outfit it is like “pop” cute sneak touch to finish it off. But your scarves are adorable in leopard and i think a very sheer top in a unique boxy shape would be cute too.

  2. For some reason I’ve always hated animal print anything. I guess I saw way too many fuzzy and pink zebra printed purses in my day.

  3. If it’s done right(Brigitte Bardot,Kate Moss), but it has to be done really, really well. Especially with leopard, it’s just so easily a disaster.

  4. i also agree in that it has to be muted. i prefer leopard print in small accessories so there is a hint of it. i have a really cute square leopard print scarf, which i think would look cute tied to a bag or in my hair. there is a leopard print throw in my room on my leather chair, which gives a nice hint of pattern, but i too go back and forth. it doesn’t take much to throw off an outfit or room.

  5. I agree too. I had never thought leopard print to be something I would wear. But then I purchased a nice vintage leopard print coat. At first I wasn’t sure if I would wear it and if it was my style, but then I changed my mind and loved it. I am now going to keep my eye out for more leopard print pieces!

  6. i love leopard!! When I have to be business professional for work, I love wearing leopard print flats (perfect statement piece), or, a leopard print silk blouse under a black suit. Something to spice up the boring!!

  7. Not leopard, but I have a dalmation print cardigan that is super cute! It’s ok to be bold with it, because as a sweater it’s a little more genteel in shape and doesn’t come off as ‘cheap’ or trashy. With a pouffy denim skirt and coral lace top underneathe, it’s very lady-like but still quirky.

  8. If you are going to wear leopard I say go BOLD… I have one of those furry bracelet length sleeve numbers…It works well.. but u have to keep if chic because BOLD leopard can cross the line into homeless cat lady territory pretty quick ;)

  9. Just got a leopard fur coat for christmas- it is muted like you said. with darkerbrowns. I love it.

    Also, I always imagine myself in leapord skinny jeans, an oversized white tee, and red lips.

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