thursday poll – edition 129

we have another new lookbook up online! “la boheme” is a gorgeous mix of airy fabrics, soft colors, crochet, animal and floral prints. it’s romantic and sweet and i could easily see these outfits floating down the streets of paris. which one is your favorite?

look one:

look two:

look three:

look four:

look five:

look six:

look seven:

(click on each image to go to our website and see all items in the outfit)

here are you results from last week’s poll!


  1. i always love more then one and it is hard to choose a favortie. 1 3 and 7 are all beautiful. but i did make a decidion on 1 because i love the flowy slip

  2. I voted for look 2 because it was something i would most likely wear but i’m in love with look one too!

  3. I’m not crazy about all these long skirts and dresses. They look very matronly. Still all the looks are gorgeous. It was hard for me to decide but I picked 7.

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