guest blog post: shooting our february catalog

Hi! I’m Free People’s creative design assistant and February guest blogger! I consider myself lucky, because I get to help with the creative process in developing the image of Free People, and also have my hand in styling.  I work directly under our creative director, who is best described as creative sunshine.

our creative director on our February catalog shoot preparing for the next shot.

Ok, so here are some tidbits from this catalog’s creation process: the concept was first outlined and sketched in a notebook by our creative director.

FP February 2010 Cat Shoot 001

Here are some tears that were collected for inspiration on how we’d like the shoot to go before we get on location.

FP February 2010 Cat Shoot 003 (2)

Finally shooting day arrives and the end result is like magic!




fp (5)


stay tuned for more posts from me this month, and check out my personal blog here!

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10 years ago

sweet post!

10 years ago

These photos are beautiful. What a fun job you must have. ;)

10 years ago

I just saw the Feb. Catalog pictures, so dreamy! I love all the looks! xo -nb

10 years ago

wow so cool!!!!!!!!

10 years ago

thanks for a peek behind the scenes

10 years ago

OMG gurl! Yr the cuulest!

10 years ago

what a cool behind the scenes look…..i should do more behind the scenes on my blog :) {I’m a photographer!}

xoxo, L

10 years ago

when i got the email that the feb catalog was out, i was so happy! i love the freepeople catalogs, the images are perfect
buttercup buttons

10 years ago

such a beautiful selection of photographs to use on the catalog. i loved it this feb. thank you.

10 years ago

love to see behind the scenes into what makes our catalogues extra special! beautiful photos

10 years ago

Gorgeous pictures! I love all the colors. I just wanna live in the Free People world :) prettyinthedesert

10 years ago

OK i love the whole creative process shot and I’m super jealous about your job and that of your “creative sunshine” boss! The pictures are so whimsical and lovely. Very inspiring — makes me want to be there wearing THOSE CLOTHES. Super job.

10 years ago

Dream Job!!!