the flag poles outside building 543 down here at the navy yard got a little makeover today! this “yarn bomb” is the work of artist jessie hemmons of ishknits. i’ve posted about yarn bombing before – i think its such an interesting phenomenon that has been growing in recent years, with various crocheted objects popping up all over the world – a lot of it done anonymously.


if you live in the philadelphia area, chances are you’ve seen some of jessie’s work (pictured above).  however, she told me that in some areas (like old city, where i live), city officials will have the artwork removed when they spot it. why would anyone want to do that? i think it’s beautiful, and i’m thrilled that we now have bright pink flag poles at the navy yard as it feels very appropriate for free people :)

check out the ishknits website here.


  1. yarn bombing, how awesome! i don’t know why anyone would remove it, it certainly would brighten up an otherwise dreary day

  2. they had a huge art instillation throughout austin texas last year (not sure if its still there) with crochet all over the city, around lamp posts and traffic medians. awesome.

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