like a rainbow

have you guys ever seen rainbow roses? i never have and i couldn’t believe they’re actually real – albeit man-made. they were first created by two dutch companies who found that by splitting the stem and dipping each part in water colored with dye they could achieve this effect. the colors are drawn into the petals as the rose blooms, resulting in the rainbow of colors. i love how it almost looks like tie dye!





  1. oh my god this is AMAZING!!! whaat an incredible find! julia, you’re an amazing blogger! i just revamped my blog i would love your feedback. either in a comment or e-mail. it would really mean the world to me! xx

  2. i love it. so simple to try to do! i will definately be trying this one and im sure im gonna end up with rainbow roses all over the house! thanks for another wonderful idea! how about blue orchids? ever seen those? they are my favorite

  3. Yes it is gorgeous and very doable !!! Carnations…yuck~ don’t like them even for funerals !!!! Roses are Off The Hook Gorgeous!!!!

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  5. My little sister’s middle name is Rainbow and our last name is Rose, so everytime I see these flowers I think of my very own (Maya) Rainbow Rose :) Thanks for the post :)

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