vintage tees are here!

if there was one article of vintage women’s clothing i was going to collect, it would be vintage tshirts. i love them and can never get enough…  each one is a little piece of history.  the ones i own each have a story behind them that makes them incredibly special… a bar in somer’s point NJ where my parents used to hang out, a tom petty shirt from his “last dance with mary jane” tour that a boyfriend gave to me and is full of holes , a pink floyd tee i found in brooklyn, and my favorite- and perhaps the most random – a tshirt my uncle picked up in wyoming years ago that ended up in my mom’s possession, and now mine.

so when i found out we’d be selling vintage t-shirts as part of our vintage loves collection, you can imagine how excited i was. our vintage buyer did an amazing job hand picking these rare and perfectly broken in tshirts… i’ll admit it, i bought two the moment they went on sale… check them all out here!

you should also check out our homepage right now, it’s pretty neat :)


  1. haha. this has got to be the smartest most profitable endeavor…. buy a shirt for a buck and mark it up 50-150%. my fav is the vintage ryreson tee… wtf. Good job freepeople!

  2. why the high prices? Crazy. I won’t be spending that much on one. I can probably find these in a thrift store near me for $5.

  3. how old to be vintage tee? band tee’s you can tell be the concert. but how do you tees for the harley tees ? you can buy tee at the local harley dealer for $20

  4. what an expressive note from a true collector! And the video is fabulous! I’ve watched it three times all ready!!!

  5. these tees are amazing… well worth the price compared to other places that carry concert tees! i have my eye on the harley tees!

  6. i went to purchase a few of these yesterday but all the ones i wanted are gone! is there a plan to consistently get more vintage tees to sell or is this just a one time thing. i love them!

  7. Free people honestly are so greedy i am a vintage shop owner and i know how much shops buy these for and it makes me sick that they sell them for this price, sham on you free people

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