bird’s eye view

i am absolutely terrified of flying, but at the same time i am completely fascinated with looking down at the ground from an airplane. i have literally spent entire flights back and forth between philly and california watching the ground below and occasionally taking pictures. where i’m going with this…is that i think that’s why i’m so drawn to these photos by this series of photos by alex maclean called “patterns.”










it would be so cool to be a bird…

check out his website here.


  1. I just got back from a trip and took pictures from the plain of the pattern of fields… of course mine are nothing like these… i guess i need to keep practicing :)

  2. this is SO cool. My favorites are probably the first one, the third one with the boats and dock and the third to last one with the green fields and the last one with everybody picnicing!!!!
    I might just have to blog this sometime!!!!

  3. Thats so cool! I love looking at things from waaaay high above. I love high altitudes–the adrenaline is consuming. :D

  4. I actually did this for a photo project on film once! Only on a miniature scale, I don’t have access to a plane….

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