some much-needed inspiration

every once in a while i hit a creative block and need to do something to snap myself out of it, and get inspired. this helped last week.

ways to stay creative via; part of my new desk moodboard.

what do you do to spark your creativity?


  1. I love love LOVE this post, it’s the kind of list I want to read every morning when I wake up! :) Thank you so much for posting this, it’s very inspiring and motivational…


  2. Think this was made for me!! I need to have this as my check list! :)

    Though I finally manages to create my own blog! (after a year of wanting it!!) Feel free to check it out and please give feedback – it’s only my first footstep so it’s not ideal at the moment but it’s a start :) Love you freepeople xx

  3. I love this! I’m a very creative person but I tend to get distracted and use the computer too often. I’m printing this out and hanging it on my wall (:

  4. Truly inspiring! I will most definitely be trying some of these, like numbers 4 (I’m mostly on the computer to get inspired by you guys, though!), 18, 20 (what a way to immerse yourself in another culture, even if you feel weird or out of your normal comfort zone!!), 24 (I’m over-the-top OCD!), and 27 (hmm..?? but I’ll try it and see what creative edge it brings me). Some of these I already have down, and it sure does make a difference in feeling accomplished or creative! Thanks so much for posting this! Now I will have to get off the computer…but wait! I have to finish reading all the other posts from today to get EVEN MORE inspiration! LOL! xoxo

  5. Check, check and check. Very inspiring. I keep a sketch a day sketchbook along with many other sketch/notebooks. I write down/collage all my ideas and spend a lot of time in the studio too. It keeps my creative mind flowing! Love surrounding myself with creative people! I have so many talented friends in my life. I take a lot of art classes on my free time so I can surround myself with other artists and get feedback from other creative minds. Thanks for posting. I have a similar list on my blog

  6. Seriously, I would really love to work at Free People! Haha this blog makes it hard to stay away from the computer ;)

  7. FP, I feel like that song today by Poison..”Give me somethin to believe in…give me somethin…” Have you ever heard it?

  8. I usually clean my house to spark my creativity. Cleaning the house, no matter if it’s dusting, laundry, or organizing usually puts my head and heart in the right place. While cleaning, I usually find little things that create interest or inspire me. When I’m feeling really void of productive workflow I usually take the time to set aside a day for gardening, since it not only gets my hands in the dirt and outside but also helps to clear my mind. Gardening puts me at ease. Under a shady tree, amongst all of the life and the smells of summer, who wouldn’t be at peace?

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