European Fashion: La Dolce Vita

Whenever i think of “the sweet life” la dolce vita i think of Europe. I think of exquisite beauty that romances you and makes you feel rich inside with thoughts and emotions. It’s gives a feeling of wealth but not the kind of wealth involved in spending lots of money on luxury items, but the kind of wealth that involves evoking a feeling of fulfillment. Textures like velvet and fur that scream “I’m worth it” a whole silhouette that tells a story of love, of taste and great knowledge of the beautiful. European fashion definitely embodies la dolce vita.

This trend makes me want to get lost in a city just like the concept of our August book. It makes me want to fall in love and feel like a million bucks.

What does la dolce vita mean to you?

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ladolcevita3items in second image: swalesdale texture shrug vegan leather pleated skirt floral lace fit and flare dress large amulet pendant western moonstone ring  malachite wrap ring


  1. oooh these are pretty! when do we get to see some of the september catalog? where was it shot? cant wait! :)

  2. i think of Paris and Rome. this post is so pretty, i got lost in your words. i want to buy a fall wardrobe now and kiss a guy in a european city!

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