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The chair reupholstered is such a clever idea! I want one!


these are so amazing!


all are very cute!
I would love to be able to get some of that Indian fabric all of the FP furniture is covered in…It would be neat to cover a vintage chair with it or something. haha


can you guys do something wit diy halloween costumes?

i wish there was a free people store near mee :) those look wonderful
peace & love

The Marshal Islands had an army surplus supply store just off to the right of the airport. They sold some really old interesting things there. I did buy a lot ofvery old radios that were used in WWII. The radios were in awesome condition too. Anyone know of any wonderful places to shop for a few old military supplies?


Where is the picture of the bag chair? It isn’t showing up and i would love to see it! Thanks.