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Lives in: I was born in Slovakia, but moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was 12. About 3 years ago I moved back to Europe, spending two years living in the countryside of Spain, and I’m currently living in London, UK! I love it here, as there is so much culture, and inspiration everywhere!

Shoots with: For digital I use a Pentax K200D, although I dream and am currently saving for a Canon 5D Mark II! I also sometime shoot film, and for that I use a hand me down Cosina CT7. My good friend also just gave me an old Polaroid, and I’m excited to start exploring with it!

Favorite Subject: I really love shooting women! I love the whole 60s, 70s, sunshine,flowing hair, lens flare, freedom vibe, and I think women just tend to lend themselves to that really well! But really I love shooting youth and people in general, boys as well as girls. (My boyfriend has been very patient modeling for me when I want to try out new techniques and ideas!) Fashion shoots inspire me, because there are so many different directions that you can take with a shoot, sometimes inspired by a single dress or shoe. I find the whole creative concept exciting and beautiful.

Inspired by: I draw inspiration from everywhere, from walking around, to music and books,vintage photos, movies, magazines even dreams. I suppose the concepts of nature and youth, of life and freedom and all that it intertwines, really moves and inspires me. Magazines like Dazed & Confused, Love, AnOther Magazine, Flaunt, Interview and many many others constantly provide bursts of happiness and creation! I also love how the internet has managed to connect us all, and I am a regular reader of many great and inspiring blogs. Some of my favorite photographers are Ryan McGinley, Paolo Roversi, Camilla Akrans, and Guy Aroch, which is why it’s so amazing that he just shot the campaign for Free People!

Random Fact: I’ve worked all sorts of jobs to pay rent and afford travel, including being a snowboard instructor as well as a flight attendant!

Also, I usually shoot during the days, but I love post processing my photos at night; it’s the time that I find most inspiring. I love the quiet, the darkness, a glass of red wine, all making way for concentration and evocative thinking. My parents still tell me to this day (I’m 26) that I need to “turn my schedule around” to prepare me for a “real job”.

See more of Lucy’s amazing work here, and also check out her awesome blog!


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