1. Hi! So a bit of a random question for anyone who might know, but I absolutely ADORE Free People Clothing and have wanted to work with you for several years now. I am represented under a modeling agency in Kansas City, MO. however since my agent has never worked with FP before I am taking it upon myself to try and get information as to how to become a FP model…. I know you have specific agencies you work with but I was hoping there might be a contact I could get hold of for an audition? or perhaps open auditions somewhere????
    I’m 5’9″ and size 2 and quite frankly look a bit like some of your models haha.
    Does anyone know of who to contact for a FP modeling audition (Or who to have our agent contact if they haven’t worked with FP in the past?)

    Thank you thank you thank you
    -Anna :)

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