Music To My Ears

Ever wonder who picks the music you hear in our stores? This is our music committee, we meet and listen to songs, and collectively decide which ones we think are a good fit for our stores! It’s one of my favorite meetings to attend :)

If you guys have any recommendations, leave a comment below!

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9 years ago

I think Animal Collective would be a great fit, maybe the song “Brothersport”?

9 years ago

The Parlor Mob. They just came out with a new album titled “DOGS”. It’s available on itunes and spotify. It is REALLY worth the listen and goes perfectly with the free people vibe. You won’t regret it!

9 years ago

Record Collector- Lissie

9 years ago

anything by Foster the People!

9 years ago

Sea Wolf is a great band with awesome songs. Two of my favorites which I think would be a great fit include: “You’re a wolf” and “Wicked blood”.
Additional bands/songs coming to mind:
Band of Skulls “Friends”
Writers Block “Young Folks”

9 years ago

So fun! I love finding new music and telling others about it! Currently I have the Apach Relay and City and Colour on heavy rotation.

9 years ago

Happy Together by the Turtles
Concrete Wall by Zee Avi
Color on the Walls by Foster the People
Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks
California Baby by Jerry Burnham and Wayne Cook (It was in Sandlot 2)

9 years ago

First Aid Kit! They are a Swedish folk duo! They’re voices truly resemble the free spirited nature of Free People! A perfect fit. Voices of angels.

9 years ago

The Tallest Man on Earth! Beautiful musician, beautiful music!!

9 years ago

Frank Fairfield – Poor Old Lance
Family of the Year

9 years ago

Josh Ritter- He’s amazing and has that indie feel which is always present in the free people stores!

9 years ago

sam roberts. he rocks, he’s mellow, he’s lovely, he’s canadian.

9 years ago

sam roberts. he rocks, he’s mellow, he’s lovely, he’s canadian.

9 years ago
Mtn Girl
9 years ago

grizzly bear! all day every day!

9 years ago

Jonsi from his album called Go. Oh, and Vashti Bunyan!

9 years ago

Real Estate & Twin Sister = good free people shopping vibes. very chill

Elise Goodmann
9 years ago

I second real estate! Their new album rules!

9 years ago

The Weeknd! and Phantogram of course. :)

9 years ago

ben sollee’s learning to bend album!
don’t go to klaksvik by leif vollebekk
beach frogs by kinisi
the hill by snowmine

and i second all the suggestions made already!

9 years ago
9 years ago

I think a song called “Run” by Daughter would be a great addition to the stores’ playlist! :)

9 years ago

Stevie Nicks — Gypsy, Violet & Blue, Gold (w/John Stewart), anything by Stevie.

9 years ago

The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Owen, Bon Iver. “Right Me Up” by State Radio (or really anything by State Radio!), “I Wished for You” by Jasmine Ash, “A Horse With No Name” by America (classic). And of course anything by Mumford & Sons… I was first exposed when I worked at the Short Hills store and “Awake My Soul” was on the CD for awhile!

9 years ago

The band “Best Coast” has just one album which is filled with light, summer-feel-good tracks, perfect for Free People stores. Check out the “Our Deal” music video with Chloe Moretz