DIY Holiday Blazer

Our office coordinator never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and style (you can see some past examples here and here). Last week I passed her in the hallway and my jaw dropped – she had on the most amazing and beautiful blazer!

The best part is the story behind this amazing piece:

“A friend of mine moved into her grandmother’s house after she moved to an assisted living community. My friend isn’t interested in fashion or clothes at all – just sports. When I walked into the house, I almost fainted. Every closet was full of vintage clothes – with the tags on most things! She thought I was crazy for thinking anything in the house was “cool” at all. My friend got permission from the family to take what we wanted before they had their estate sale. This beaded cape was one of the pieces I was privileged enough to walk away with. The velvet blazer was thrifted recently from one of my favorite thrift stops in Sauderton PA.”

Now I can’t stop my brain from thinking of all the possibilities for jazzing up a blazer!

Here’s one possibility to get a look similar to the one above:


Free People Slouchy Velvet Blazer; Vintage Loves Beaded Tulle Collar.

You can actually find some amazing and relatively cheap vintage beaded shawls on etsy as well!

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8 years ago

Such a fun DIY project! and an easy way to recycle an old blazer into something new.