DIY New Year’s Eve Party Hats

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a strange one… it tends to feel like one long stretched out holiday – I guess for a lot of people, it is.  Anyway, keeping with the holiday spirit, I thought it would be fun to DIY some New Year’s Eve party hats! This is a really easy project, and the fun part is getting creative and taking it to the next level. Plus, the hats are super cute – great to have on hand if you’re throwing a party, or fun to wear if you’re going to a party or just vegging out on the couch with friends :)

What you need: thick paper (cardstock, construction paper, or posterboard work well and are nice and sturdy), glue, scissors, and whatever embellishments and trims you have lying around or pick up at a craft store!

It is also helpful to have a template to trace the shape onto your thick paper, so all your hats are the same size and shape. I used this one.


Trace your template on the reverse side of the paper you’re using, so the lines don’t show on the outside of the hat.


Cut out your shape and roll it into a cone and glue together to make the hat.

Now is the fun part – get creative and decorate your hat!


For this one I used fur trim that I got at a craft store and glued it around the bottom of the hat.  I used glitter glue to write 2012 on it, and glued a little tassel to the top of the hat.


For the second hat I used a bright red poster board, and glued some cool string with tassels around the bottom of the hat. Then I added some handmade paper feathers – tutorial here!

This last one is my favorite – it was inspired by this one that I found online.


A panda hat!


For all of these, you can just poke a hole on each side and tie a piece of elastic or string to hold the hat on your head.

Happy New Year!

Top image via Wildfox.


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