Style File: Assistant Stylist

This week’s Style File is one of our adorable styling assistants. All day long she runs around the web studio making sure that looks get shot, that they look good, and that the process moves along in an organized smooth manner. It’s tough work, but she’s always cheery and relaxed. Having moved here from Austin, TX (jealous? I think so), maybe it’s her southern roots that spark this kind of attitude.

Her style on the other hand, does not remind me Austin. It’s much more sophisticated – tailored even – though, it, like her personality, has a touch of kookiness. It’s a pea coat and lady-like dress paired with…knee highs? You half expect it to be prim and proper from head-to-toe, but then she confuses you like that. It’s great! She doesn’t take herself too seriously but she has great taste in sophisticated pieces. Check it out…

Picture 011

Picture 008

Picture 015

Picture 010

Picture 019

Picture 020

Picture 029

Picture 024

Picture 026

Picture 033

The perfect breezy day outfit with the Jenoah Floppy Brim Hat!

Picture 034

Picture 038

The Mesh Dot Ankle Sock peeks out.

Picture 042a

The Free People Multi Stripe Pullover

Picture 043

Picture 045

Picture 048

Picture 041

Picture 042

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Love the criss cross stockings!! And that long necklace is awesome!!
She is adorable, sophisticated, and a slight bit kooky!! I love it!!


dat’s my girl!

Liz Hayes

My beautiful, expressive and creative daughter, you are paving the road to your destiny.

LOVE those tights! what a fun detail on the back of them! so cute!

First, love that FP values it’s employees to explore internally for inspiration. Also, love the description of how she has a foundation of sophistication but adds her own flare to the outfit – criss cross tights, etc. Love it!


those tights and that necklace! ahhhhh i want them!

Carol Phelps

Hey girl, love that multi stripe pull over. It looks fantastic on you! All that kookieness and sophistication….this is who you are. Enjoy and have fun!

love her outfits, especially the chunky sweater !

Mandi always looks amazing!!


As always Mandi is just breathtaking!


I must know what those boots are, both pairs!!!
Please let me know because I need to buy them!

Mandi's Dad

Looking good Pumpkin! Don’t forget yo daddy when you get famous.


These boots are both on the website!!!


Her style is much more sophisticated than Austin’s style? Uh, I beg a differ… Austin offers a very unique style, and having lived all over the world, I’d say she carries Austin’s trendy style specifically . She does however represent and carry it well, as young as she is. So cheers for that + the earth tones comment.