Style File: Sample Coordinator

This week’s style file is an FP girl through and through. She’s been working for the brand almost five years now, and she has the styling down pat. It goes something like: layer, layer, layer, awesome ankle-cut shoes, necklace, necklace, necklace, and then a fist full of rings. In writing it sounds like it’d be too much, but in person and in the photos you can see that it goes together amazingly. What do I want to rip off her most though? The jewelry. This girl has a collection that I think any girl would lust after. It’s full of rough stones, hammered metals, and ethnic engravings. She has a lot of artisan pieces that are funky and one of a kind.

Picture 028

Picture 030

Picture 031

Nothing like a great bulldog face…

Picture 033

Her friend gave her the binocular necklace when she moved away so that she could always see home (Chicago) from Philly. What a cute friend!

Picture 002

Picture 006

Picture 007

She may have moved to Pennsylvania, but her new plates are still Illinois.

Picture 009

Picture 042

Picture 048

The Hooded Vegan Leather Jacket and High Waisted Textured Shorts

Picture 043

Picture 056

Picture 058

Picture 011

Picture 019

Picture 016

Picture 017

Picture 020

How cool do the Buckle Back Ankle Boots look with red fishnets??

Picture 058a

Picture 059

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12 years ago

Where are these reigns from!? I must know!!

12 years ago

“I want to go to as many countries as I am years old.”
That is such a clever way to define wanderlust. Made me smile for sure.

12 years ago

AMAZING! Can I be your friend? ;)

12 years ago

that is my girl!!!! she is always lookin so cute! what a great choice for a style file ;-)

12 years ago

It seems as if each piece of jewelry tells a story! I love how there is no theme to it, and different metals are mixed! I think Free People should sell some spoon and fork rings! Just a thought!

12 years ago

the spoon and fork and scissor rings are by dallas maynard!

you can find them here…

12 years ago

love these rings! any idea where to find the bird one??

12 years ago

bird ring —->


12 years ago

Such a lovely style!
I like her accessoires (her rings!!)

12 years ago

Love the bracelets, would like to know where to find the bangle bracelet? (the fourth picture)

caitlyn harley
12 years ago

i love all of your jewelry! and your outfits of course. very inspiring :)

12 years ago

She reminds me of Charlotte Gainsbourg…

12 years ago

Oh how I miss that handwriting! This sweet girl used to be my fellow associate years ago when we opneed the store in Wicker Park, Chicago. She has incredible moxie!